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Workforce Planning

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Project Identify and explain 3 important aspects of workforce planning. Make sure you explain how they contribute to the overall process of workforce planning and the success of an organization. Reference must be made to real life examples of the chosen areas of workforce planning Workforce planning is not just an imperative for expanding workplaces or those that need to replace workers, it is also critical when downsizing or undergoing restructures, mergers and acquisitions.

By having a workforce plan in place it will help your business be better equipped to deal with unexpected labour shortage or labour surplus.

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Workforce Planning
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Know Your Workforce Your workforce planning decisions must be based on good knowledge of staff. Some fundamental rules to go by: •Be aware of workforce challenges associated with an ageing population and other demographic issues. •Have enough base level data about your current workforce (number of employees, age breakdown, skills, staff turnover) to plan for your human resource needs and know who is ready for promotion.

Which staff will need to change jobs when the new plan comes into affect •Make sure you are aware of industry workplace trends and issues that could affect your ability to meet staffing needs. (eg if staff opt to go work in the mines etc for much more money) •Look at ways to recruit the right staff or develop employee skills with more training •Can we identify who or when employees are intending or thinking of leaving/ retiring /taking long service leave •Know what your employees’ preferred work arrangements are. this could be as simple as when they want to take holidays •Make sure the skills and training of your employees meet the current and future needs of your business •What incentives have you in place to retain existing workers and attract new people? •Which employees do you have that are critical to your business running successfully when you/management are away? •Are you able to or do you have the capacity to change jobs and create flexible arrangements to retain key staff •What are the human resource implications for you future direction?

Predict Labour Supply and Demand By being able to predict and plan how many staff you’ll need in the future to suit the needs of your business and what skills they will need to have to help you achieve to make it successful you could do a gap analysis this along with obtaining data about social, technological and economic trends, demographic trends (eg impact of ageing population), political and legislative trends and changes, competitors (what incentives are they offering new staff? will give you a clear indication of how to plan for staff. One issue to factor in for our industry is that most suppliers and the building industry close from the week before Christmas until the middle or end of January so during this time we only need skeleton staff for the office, maintenance or emergency jobs etc. A GAP ANALYSIS – Involves the following steps Identify your workforce Use the information you’ve acquired to gain an overview of your workforce, including age, skills, intentions and work preferences.

This will also help to divide your current workforce into groups or job families (eg upper management, supervisors, administration support, specific trades and general labour) or departments. In the industry nowadays you need to have technical knowledge in data, automation (CBUS) as well as electrical so it is imperative that your employees are up to date with current standards and have all the relative certificates. Calculate supply forecast

Calculate the predicted loss from each group or department. Consider anticipated retirements and internal promotions, as well as usual turnover. Prepare a 1 year, 3 year and 5 year forecast. Calculate demand forecast Calculate your demand for labour for each group or department by considering estimated growth of your business, changes in demand for your products and services, and other internal and external factors. Prepare a 1 year, 3 year and 5 year forecast. Analysis

Once you have calculated the supply and demand forecast, subtract the supply forecast from the demand forecast to show shortage or surplus in each group or department for the next 1, 3 and 5 years. This does not always work as some staff decide to leave unexpectedly, have ongoing injuries either work/personal related that stop them from attending work but it can give you a good indication of what you might need in the future and what training your staff need to be competitive in the industry as well as what incentives are need to keep them, sometimes this may be by bonuses or promotions.

Implement Once you have completed a workforce plan, it is then easier for your organisation to appoint employees to implement the plan, making sure that they have the appropriate details and resources to make it happen. For this to happen successfully you must ensure your workforce plan have enough details and outlines for who or what department will be completing the following tasks •what actually needs to be done or changed •who will need to take charge of the new plan plan for development of skills, knowledge and abilities maybe try job rotation •what resources are needed (eg new staff or training for existing staff) •have a transition plan in place with a completion time for all tasks By following most of the workforce plan if employees are given plenty of notice and are kept informed about what and when things are going to take place, so the staff are happier and usually embrace the new change. I find if the employees are kept in the dark they get resentful and start leaving because they are unsure if they are included in the new plan

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