Working Mothers Essay - Part 2

Question: In some countries, it is common for women to participate in the workforce when their children are young - Working Mothers Essay introduction. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? The increasing demands of the developed world and the continuous pursuit for a better life have led to the increase of double-income family. Mothers usually opting to continue to work few months after giving birth then has naturally become common in some nations.

Significantly, this trend brings about some inevitable drawbacks in every family, but also it has considerable benefits. If mothers have their own source of income, they can undoubtedly improve the financial condition of their family. Raising children has increasingly become more difficult, particularly, without sufficient fund, securing a high quality of education for children sounds rather difficult. With mothers working, not only the best education can be provided but also a higher quality of life.

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In addition, finding or continuing a career after entering the motherhood would give more opportunities for women in the employment world. If they will opt to stop working for a long time, it would be too hard for them to go back to their career path as everything changes fast in the modern world. Moreover, they might lose their motivation and self-esteem to work if they decide to stay home for a long period. Nonetheless, if mothers are working outside, it would be too difficult for them to perform their roles at the same time in their family and in their workplaces.

Children in their formative years need most their mother’s love and care. However, they would be too stressed-out in dealing with their everyday circumstances. Eventually, they tend to neglect the needs of their growing children, proper guidance and attention to shape their personality. All thing considered, being a mother requires a number of sacrifices, but in choosing what is best for her and the family, each aspect of being a working mother should be well-considered.

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