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World War Again Essays

World War Again 1. Reasons for neutrality: the US did not want to form global alliances so that they could lessen the chance of another global conflict, and the US wanted to keep the peace. Neutrality changed throughout the war by it being very strict by the first neutrality act and dramatically changing by the third neutrality act. The first neutrality act barred Americans from lending money to wearing nations or selling arms. Laws did not differentiate between aggressive nations and the countries they invaded. The second neutrality act was that US ships could not carry passengers or goods to warring nations.

But cash and carry was an exception to that being that it was a ways that the US could sell military supplies to warring nations. These nations were required to transport supplies on their own ships and pay for everything in cash. The third neutrality act ended the law to ban selling arms to foreign countries. (Cash and carry still applied). Then eventually President Roosevelt passed the lend-lease act which allowed the president to sell arms or provide defensive aid to other nations without those nations having to pay cash. So you can see how much their opinions on neutrality changed. 2.

The US stopped being neutral when Hitler arose and things started to get very bad in Europe. In the last paragraph, it states the US is neutral but biased until December when everything changed. I think it all has to do with Hitler. 3. I think that neutrality laws/acts should not have been made if the president wasn’t going to stick with them. The first neutrality act was strict: no one was to sell arms to warring nations. But then cash and carry was invented and people could sell arms if the foreign nations paid cash and had their own transport. I honestly think the US couldn’t pick a side. They were aiding China.

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