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hanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that only happens once a year.

During the month of November, many families get together to eat and celebrate what they are thankful for.

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Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday and is usually on the 3rd or last week of the month. The holiday has been occurring for several years and is the reason most of us live in America today. INDENTFirst, I want to describe the first Thanksgiving.

It was many years ago in the fall of 1621.

The pilgrims and the Native American Indians feasted together to celebrate the colony’s first successful harvest. The first Thanksgiving was held at Plimoth Colony.Next, I am going to explain the Thanksgiving that I share with my family.

Every year on Thanksgiving, my family cooks a huge meal to share with one another. My dad and mom’s parents both join together to have one large family dinner. We all share around the table what we are thankful for. Due to the massive food, we usually have leftovers for days!Finally, I want to share the likes and differences of the first Thanksgiving and our Thanksgiving today.

I know at the first Thanksgiving, they served turkey and many vegetables. We still serve turkey and vegetables with many more delicious foods at our Thanksgiving today. One major difference from their Thanksgiving and ours is that we only share the holiday and feasting with our immediate family. The first Thanksgiving was shared among the entire colony! I like the idea of sharing a holiday with the entire colony or community.

I believe that it would bring us closer together.In conclusion, the first Thanksgiving and today’s Thanksgiving have many things in common. I enjoy the holiday because I am able to spend time with family that I do not get to see often. I also enjoy the food and sharing what all I am thankful for with my loved ones.

One thing for sure, I am glad the pilgrims and Native Americans created this wonderful holiday!

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