Write a personal statement describing the duties and responsibilities of your own work role Essay

My role will be to provide a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for children place in the setting. It will also be important to give support to their staff within the setting. Plus to work as part of a team with them in order to provide the best possible environment in which all individual children can play, develop and learn.

Overtime I will have to build important relationships and maintain strong communicable contact with parents to enable children’s needs to be met.

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Write a personal statement describing the duties and responsibilities of your own work role
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***My roles and responsibilities within my setting are to be involved as much as possible, getting to know the children, building relationships with them so that they can trust me. This is important as children look up to the people caring for them. I must ensure that they are safe, happy, and positive and doing something that stimulates the brain, depending on what age they are.

I will be required to make the environment fun but also learning based at the same time.

I am totally aware that the environment that children are put in everyday must be suitable and inviting, as it is important they are happy and content as this is the best possible way for a child to grow and learn. A child that is stressed out and upset about going to a setting will be pointless as studies have proven that a child learns best when they are around children their age, are supported by practitioners that are interested and have the child’s best interests at heart. My main duties within my work placement are straight forward but are as important as that of the main supervisor.

Some practices must be known when working in a setting as a child practitioner, for example, the Fire Drill. It is important I know where the appropriate Assembly Points are and that I keep in the event of a fire and to get the children out as quickly and safely as possible. I must be integrated and participate as a member of the team and make sure that my surrounding area is constructive and stimulating for the children.Also to make time on a daily basis, to discuss the day to day plan and running of the setting, this ensures that I am aware of everything happening in the classroom and keeps me involved.

This is important for their development and also to bond with the other people in the team. Each child has needs and most of the time it is important to bind this together so that they all feel they belong to the group. Sometimes if a child has specific additional needs then they must be assignment a member of staff that is able to support them as well as they can. When building their needs I know I must be aware of what age they are and that what they are learning is appropriate for their stage and level of development.

When I go in, in the morning I know my role and what I have to do. It is important to just get stuck in and help out with day to day tasks. I also ask about how children are getting on and is there anything in particular they need help with, e.g.

maybe they need to spend more time with other children or they need separation from another children as they may spend just too much time together which can be a problem. I know to also check equipment and toys often to ensure they are clean and safe to play with or use.This is to ensure that if a toy is maybe broken then it can be taken away to prevent any accident of a child hurting themselves on it. Other main duties of my role are to take part and attend staff meetings to integrate with the managers of any progress my key children have made and any worries I may have, this is to ensure that everything is out in the open to make it easier in the event of a problem, e.

g. social services call out or issue in relation to a child/children. Although it is not fully my role, as of yet, to keep a register, I know that I have to keep a daily count of the children within the room. I also am required to know where the first aid box is situated in the event of an accident, plus any other records like a list of allergies that children in the class might have or medical complaints e.

g. allergies to food, asthma, diabetes etc. Lastly, although I’m not the manager or the person in charge of the classroom, I know that it is important to communicate with parents and carers. To also make myself known to them as I am supervising their child and I have to create a bond not only with their child but with them also to gain trust which is very important.

I must, when communicating with them, to do so in a positive and constructive manner.

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