Write an Autobiography

             Born on August 3, 1973 to state the name of your father and state the name of your mother, I have been raised on a dairy farm along with an older brother named state the name of your brother and younger identical twin sisters named state the name of your twin sisters - Write an Autobiography introduction. Our medium-sized family, which has always been dwelling in Salem, Ohio, is now getting bigger as my brother and sisters also decided on having a family of their own, giving me a chance to experience having three playful nephews and a pretty niece. In spite of that, the family has kept the closeness with each other that we have all been trained with by our parents.

            My elder brother, my twin sisters, and I were brought up the traditional way wherein values were instilled on us. Values including patience, thriftiness or wise spending whether or not cash on hand is excessive, treating other people the right way no matter what their socioeconomic statuses are, being helpful to those who need assistance, etc.

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            I believe the positive characteristics that I possess and that my parents instilled in me caused me to have countless real friends. I feel proud that they can trust me with secrets or any issue of theirs that is not typically to be shared except maybe to their immediate family members or relatives only. This is also the main reason why I have become an exceedingly good listener. In addition to that, I have also developed several interpersonal communication skills. Like my parents, my friends, who are brilliant, always willing to help others, determined to finish college and most importantly, who are believers of God have played a large role in motivating the person that I have become today.

            Furthermore, I have an excellent foundation for education since I have been sent to one of the best schools during elementary and high school. This is also why I am confident that I will reach my goal of becoming a state your goal (i.e. doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc). I am determined to study hard in order to attain that goal; I will do anything and everything to carry that out no matter how excruciating it is to reach that.

            On a final note, I believe that I will be able to attain the aforementioned goal. With the proper attitude that my parents instilled in me, with the supportive family that I have, along with the help of my friends and the excellent educational foundation that I hold, I believe I will eventually achieve my goal.


* Since this is a personal essay, no reference has been utilized.


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