Writers Guild of America

Unions have been around for decades - Writers Guild of America introduction. A union is an organization of workers who act together to negotiate wages and working conditions with their employees. ( Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2012) Union members in nonessential industries like entertainment do not have the right to strike when their actions may in fact put others out of work. Why is it okay to jeopardize others when it’s their industry having problems? When going into the entertainment industry people should know ahead of time what circumstances come with the job. They should know how challenging and competitive it is as well.

According to the book, one strike that went on ended up disrupting the fall seasons of many top-rated TV shows which left people out of work. It almost seems like they all strike together and fall together which to me would not be right. (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2012) It should just target those involved instead of the whole industry surrounding the Guild. However, this strike raised foreign sales which made the officials happy regardless of who lost a job. I think they act upon these situations in a selfish way and they only care if something positive will come out of it after everyone losing a job.

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If a labor dispute outcome leaves both sides partly satisfied then it could possibly be a good outcome depending on the circumstances. Labor disputes become very costly and can lead to situations in which a government has to be involved. Most unions want to avoid all labor disputes which involve employer and employees to negotiate an agreement on an issue. If they are not satisfied enough then it could lead to a lack of performance from the employee. Such an example could be missing work because of unhappiness.

It would make a good outcome if they can both agree or negotiate on a situation to make a working environment more smoothly. However, not everything can be agreed upon which causes such disputes. The union wants to make sure their employees are protected such as providing a safe environment, compensation, hours, benefits and what not. (Wisegeek, 2012) The union membership in the United States has been on a slow decline for about 30 years. Some reasons that can be the cause of this is that workers are less interested in the unionization and changes in our economy or workforce.

Workers are less interested in unionizations because of the lack of knowledge about them. Families these days come from large families in which there are no models of union workers. Also workers are more educated these days and care more about how much they are paid, the quality of the job, developing new skills and more. Our economy and workforce could also have an impact on the decline of unions. These days many largely white collar and technical occupations have presented organizing challenges to the unions.

It is hard for unions to organize when there are many women, temporary workers and part time employees. It also doesn’t help that our economy does not have many jobs available therefore there is no availability to have a union. (Hunter, 2012) Unions seem to be very complicated and have more issues than anything. As much success and profit they may bring they seem to be a hassle to deal with. Most people these days are fairly treated and fairly compensated without union membership. (Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor, 2012)

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