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Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism-prevention service, which checks assignments for unoriginal content - Writing and Web-based Plagiarism-prevention Service introduction. The results can be used to help students learn how to avoid plagiarism as it provides better and faster feedback to improve their writing or to identify similarities to existing sources. Turnitin encourages best practice in using and referencing other people’s written material. Changes for students: •You are no longer required to hand in a digital version of your written assignments on CD.

Submission of written assignments must be uploaded to Turnitin and submitted as a hard copy. •You must upload your written assignments into the link set up by your lecturer on the module’s Moodle page. This must be done before the assignment deadline. If for any reason Moodle or Turnitin are unavailable on the day an assignment is due in, you must upload it into Turnitin as soon as possible thereafter. Details of system downtimes can be found on Portia (the Traffic Light) and on the Help Pages (help. hi. ac. uk). •Once uploaded into Turnitin, an Originality Report will be generated, highlighting unoriginal content. This is useful for you to check that you have referenced everything correctly.


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•Please note that you are not aiming for a 0% score as Turnitin will recognise all unoriginal text, including quotes, templates and text which you have referenced correctly. •Generation of the Originality Report usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes but can take longer at busy times. If you choose to edit and resubmit an assignment (before the due date), the Originality Report will be available the following day. Your lecturer will only see the most recent submission. •Very importantly, you must still hand in a printed version of your assignment as normal. Failure to do so may result in failing the module. •When you submit to Turnitin, please write the Paper ID (available from your Turnitin receipt) number onto the MAC cover sheet attached to your hard copy assignment.

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