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Writing assignment using figurative language

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Explain any two methods. B) Show how price and output is determined under the condition of perfect competition in long run. Assignment no. 4 A) Explain the term ‘Monopolistic competition’ describe its features with suitable examples. Show how short-run equilibrium of a firm reached. B) Elaborate the meaning and various types of cost in detail? Assignment no. 5 A) Discuss the meaning of risk and also explain the decision making under risk in detail? B) Explain in detail role and function and composition of money market in India.

Assignment no. 6

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Writing assignment using figurative language
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A) Explain role and function and instrument of capital market. B) Explain regulatory role of RIB with respect to regulation of currency, credit and balance of payment. Assignment no. 7 A) What or the features and functions of stock exchange? B) Discuss in detail the role of SIB along with the power vested with SIB; write a detail note on BASE and NOSE. Assignment no. 8 A) Explain the feature and factors determining size of national income.

Explain the related to national income : 1) Gross Domestic Product 2) Purchasing Power Parity 3) Growth rate

B) Explain GATE and WTFO along with the principle and function of WTFO. Assignment no. 9 A) Give details explanation of Union Budget and why it is necessary for Indian Economy. B) Describe the Budget Deficit and Explain revenue and fiscal deficit in detail. Assignment no. 10 A) Case study on demand estimation: BBC enterprises manufactures a desk designed as micro computer work station . Mr.. Sham is marketing manager has graduated from reputed business school. Sham was anxious to apply some of the tools he has learnt and so estimated the demand function for desks in India as:

Q –2. 8+2. AY -5. PDP+3. 5 POP+O. AAA 0. 87 Where, Q d = annual sales of desks (000 in numbers) Y = Average Annual Income (000 in rupees) PDP = desk price (000 of rupees) POP = Price of related goods (000 of rupees) A = annual advertising budget (000 of rupees) The current value of the impatient variables is Y=16. 5 pop=2 PDP=4 A = 200 Questions:- 1) Estimate demand as per demand function. 2)

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