Writing assignment with rubric Essay

The slow down sign is designed to prevent risk from occurring. C. 2 a. The slow down sign is designed to keep order in the garage. B. The slow down sign reminds driver drive slowly in the garage and avoids collision. C. When a car drives directly in the garage, there may be another car start to leave the garage on the side. If driver can drive in a slow speed, the driver can see clearly the situation and stop when other car is going to come out.

D. It can test the speed of the car when traffic collision occurs. This dangerous speed can help manager make a decision about the speed limit. C.

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Writing assignment with rubric
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I The circular convex security mirror is designed to encourage good thing to happen. C. 2 a. The circular convex security mirror is designed to help driver keep a safe drive. B. This control helps drivers avoid traffic collision when drivers make a turn at the end of the road.

C. When make a turn, driver can use the circular convex security mirror to see whether another car comes directly and help driver take a good control in advance. D. It can compare the rate of the traffic collision with the circular convex security mirror and that without this control. This rate can provide accurate information to test the operating effectively.

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