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Writing Experiences

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  • Pages 2
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    Writing has never been my favorite subject in school; I have had to write in many different forms throughout my life. I have written different items from essays to emails. I have had good experiences and bad experiences. My different experiences in writing have been story writing in high school, Science lab reports in my previous college and writing corporate emails at work. The first writing experience that I can remember the best is when I wrote a story for my English class. We were giving an assignment to write a non-fiction story.

    This allowed me to free write about whatever came to mind at the time. The next experience I had was writing Science lab reports in my previous college that I attended. In college science lab classes we had to write lab reports to write a conclusion of how the lab went. I could never write the lab reports very well but was able to write them well enough to pass the class. The final experience I had is writing corporate emails at work. Writing emails to corporate officers you have to have good grammar skills and mine are not that great. Writing emails to corporate officers has helped me to better my grammar.

    We all have many different experiences as writers. I’ve had three different experiences that stick out in my mind. Story writing was a good experience because I was able to just free write about whatever I wanted and not be judged to badly. Both lab report and email writing are bad experiences because grammar has never been my favorite or best subject in school. We all learn from our bad experiences in writing. As I write these email and lab reports I continue proof read them before submitting them. As I am proof reading them, I can see where I might need to make changes to have what I am trying to get across to come thru more clearly.

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