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Writing the Story of Your Life Essays

Many students ask me, “Whenever I meet a foreigner, I want to talk to them, but I never know what to say. ” Others are merely interested in their careers and only want to learn “Business English,” so they can “get many, many moneys” when they get out of college. Truth is, even a successful business person has got to be a person first of all, and since mutual trust is a must in business, you’ve got to have the ability to engender that trust in you with your future business partners.

That means, they will want to know things about you, which again means, you’ve got to have a story to tell. It was amazing how hard it was to get some of my students to remember some of their “earliest memories,” almost as if there was hardly anything about their lives or childhoods worth remembering. In the end, though, I got some pretty good results, since I made “The Story of Your Life” the topic for this term’s final oral exam, and quite a few of them came up with touching and heart-felt accounts and resumes of their lives.

For those who didn’t have a clue, I made the template below available, in which they just had to fill in the blanks with their personal information, along with a few suggestions on what else to include. Everyone should have a story to tell, even if it’s a short one. Way before TV and movies and computer games, that’s all people had. If we’ve lost that art, then we’ve truly lost part of who we are. So, what’s your story?

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