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Written Article Critique


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This article critique is about the effects of interactive leadership on the management of human resource in Singapore’s banking industry - Written Article Critique Essay introduction. In this assignment, the article will be critiqued with main focus on the literature review, the data collection method and the link with conclusion.

Aim of the Article

            The aim of the article is to contribute to the study of banking industry of Singapore and human resource management. There have been several studies contributing to styles of leadership in the Singapore’s banking industry but none have focused on the interactive style of leadership which is also known as the female leadership. Only a few authors have touched upon this style of leadership in their literature. The main understanding that is being developed is about the effect of interactive leadership on human resource management and whether the effects are good or not. The literature review is strong as the interactive style of leadership has been compared to other forms of leadership and the works of around 10 to 12 authors have also been cited. The hypothesis has also been developed based on the past researches.

Research Results and Method

The research results have been reported in the form of correlation measure between dependent and independent variables. A hierarchical blocked regression analysis was used in the analysis of data collected though the raw data has not been presented in the article.

Although no research method was mentioned in the article, but it is evident that past research was studied from different books and journals as they are cited in the literature review. The research is justified as a lot of past researches have been studied by the author of the article on interactive leadership style. These citations are very relevant to the leadership style being discussed in the article. The author cites statements from the previous researches explaining how the new style of leadership is different from the traditional models of leadership. The effectiveness of the interactive leadership style is also discussed in the research including the rewards and the advantages of employing this leadership style.

Data Collection

The data was collected using a mail survey approach which allowed systematic collection of data and analysis of effectiveness of interactive leadership style in the corporate world. The sample involved in the mail survey was middle and low level managers working in the banking and finance industry of Singapore. The survey questionnaires were sent to them with closed envelopes with self-addressed return. A total of 77 managers agreed to participate in the survey and those agreed did complete and send their questionnaires. The data collection method is justified as all of the managers who agreed to participate did give a completed form back. Regression analysis had to be done on the collected data and represent it through statistical means which made mail survey the most appropriate mean to collect the data (Ji Li).

The data was collected using independent, dependent and control variables for the respondents. The independent variables included nine items which tested the performance of the employees and leadership. The dependent variables included team building, reliability and interaction tests for the respondent. The dependent variables tested three dimensions of the employees that included the trust in leaders, their commitment and their motivation. The variables are directly related to the interaction style of leadership. The control variables in the survey forms were age, years of working experience, the period of working with the current employer, years of education and sex. These factors have been known to have some effect on the effectiveness of leadership (Ji Li).

Results and the Conclusion

            The results are presented as a descriptive analysis of the collected data from mail forms. Correlations have been found between the dependent and independent variables and its implications are also discussed. In order to understand the results in a better way, a regression analysis was also conducted. The results were presented in a table format in the article. The individual relationships of the variables have been drawn by the author in the article. This block regression analysis is too complicated as all the readers of leadership styles are not well educated in statistics. This complicated representation of data has made the data difficult to understand and interpret by an ordinary reader (Ji Li).

            To some extent the conclusions drawn do match the literature review as the author concludes that interactive style of leadership increases the trust of an employee in their leaders, enhance the commitment to the firm and improve the motivation of employees. The conclusion also divided the interaction style of leadership in two components which are the interaction skills of the female and other is the orientation towards teambuilding. In the literature review also a source said that this style of leadership helps teambuilding, motivates the employees and helps foster mutual respect and trust (Ji Li).


The author has written an understandable paper with a good literature review and an emphasis on explaining the results to the reader. However, the author is not successful in representing the collected data in the form which can be understood easily by an ordinary reader.

Works Cited

Ji Li, William KX. Koh & Heng Sok Hia. “The effects of interactive leadership on human resource management in Singapore’s banking industry.” The Iruemational Journal of Human Resource Management 8.5 (1997): 710-719.

Written Article Critique Essay

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