Young Patriots Book Report Essay

The book I have read is Young Patriots, by Charles Cerami - Young Patriots Book Report Essay introduction. The book took place seven years after the revolution, America was in crisis. The government wasn’t functioning, but the citizens didn’t care. Then two unknown men, Hamilton and Madison, envisioned a plan that no one else thought could happen: a truly United States. The two men had gone against all odds and worked together by strategizing to get the right men to agree on the right ideas. Their result was the most brilliant documents ever, the federalist papers.

What Cerami has done was do a retelling of how these two men had formed the federalist papers and how their lives had impacted the history of America. These two men, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, are mainly highlighted in this novel as two men with an impossible plan and revolution that created the constitution. Everything Cerami had talked about in this novel was the history behind these men and every single living detail within forming of constitution and the journey as to how these two men had achieved that goal.

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What a main event in which the story was based apon is the formation of the federalist papers. The Federalist papers were written by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton along with John Jay. These papers were a series of 85 articles or essays that had been promoting the ratification of the constitution. This story also goes into much detail about the presidency of James Madison and what he had done in office. Also it talks about all of the events that happened during his presidency like the war of 1812 and how Madison had signed to the second national bank of the United States.

The story also goes into an abundance of detail about George Washington’s presidency and all of the events between the two men in that time. Also how Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of Treasury for both of the terms. But the majority of the book was on the constitutional convention. In the constitutional convention James Madison had been noted for writing the Virginia plan and for defending the attempt to build a stronger central government. James Madison had kept very detailed notes with him which were discovered and read proceeding his death.

In the constitutional convention Alexander Hamilton was most noted for his introduction and defense of the Hamilton plan which had formed a valid argument that the neither the Virginia plan or the New Jersey plan were adequate to the task at hand. Both of these meant were present for the signing of the constitution. Lastly the struggle the two men faced when they were trying to persuade the anti federalists to join the federalist side. Overall I really did enjoy the book.

I had lots of fun reading it because American history, specifically the beginning and formations of the United States. This book does take place close to the beginning of it all so I really have been enjoying every last page of it. I personally believe that Cerami had done a fantastic job in exposing the differences while keeping a positive theme throughout the whole book. I think Cerami had high admiration for both of these men because of the pride he had really put throughout writing this whole book.

I think that Cerami did a spectacular job in avoiding the personality flaws of Hamilton and Madison and had a good refusal to talk about their personal lives. At points in the story I did feel like Cerami was giving away unnecessary detail that wasn’t specifically needed, but I do think that he included lots of interesting detail that I did enjoy reading and learning about. Cerami did have very advanced writing ways and I did like his construction of the novel.

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