“You’re an Organization Development Practitioner-Scholar: Can You Contribute to Organizational Theory Essay

Synthesizing Your Writing
How will this piece contribute to my knowledge or my specific project?
In this article, by Jean Bartnunek compares the paths of mainstream organizational theory and organization development scholar. The author believes that theory does not work in practice.

Who is the author?
Jean Bartuneck is a professor of management and organization at Boston college. She brings many years of teaching with management experience. Her education history is stong in areas of management and society. Her research interest are organizational change and transformation related to society.

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“You’re an Organization Development Practitioner-Scholar: Can You Contribute to Organizational Theory
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Dr. Bartuneck’s experiences in both education study and work brings a lot of wealth of knowledge. She seems to be passionate in researching organizational changes and the relationships between them. She has written many publications in these subjects

Is the source scholarly?
The article is published through the Organization Management Journal in 2008. When was the work published?

The work was published in the year of 2008. Her sources published their work from the year of 1959 to 2008.

Are there any apparent biases?

In this article, there is a lot of research conducted to prove her theory. After reviewing this article there are a few potential biases found. It seems to favor more the academic theory. She begins with the past theory and brings to present. Does the source have a bibliography?

Yes, the author has a bibliography page that includes her vitae. Her bibliography describes all of her extensive experience and education. She has published over 100 articles.

Synthesize the article you read following the strategy discussed on the Writing Center’s synthesis page.

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