Yuhong Heavy Machinery Jaw Crusher Bears the Brunt of New Energy Development

In recent years our country put forward the slogan of building science and technology economic powers; it means our country must invest a lot of money in the search for all kinds of minerals and energy resources. A lot of mining machines needed in the development of new ore resources, the coal of Shanxi, Ningxia and the northeast of Anhui are urgent to development, the energy resources’ exploit and mine need the zoom type Fine crusher, Jaw crusher, Impact crusher, Hammer crusher and coal gangue crusher.

Currently, the construction of China’s energy exploitation is the primary factor for driving force the development of the mining machinery industry, but with the slowdown of the growth rate of fixed investment, this effect will drop. In 12th Five -Year Plan period, with the economic structure adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, the proportion of real estate will gradually decrease in the GDP. Conversely, corresponding emerging construction of large-scale energy projects will enter a golden period of development, and the resulting high demand on some models of mining machinery industry.

China is one of the world’s largest energy development powerhouse, has also become the world’s largest mining machinery market. It is estimated that our country’s power construction will Investment 8 trillion yuan RMB in 2020, these are the direct factor of machinery enterprises continue to grow and develop in China. In Henan Yuhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd (abbreviation Yuhong heavy machinery) as example, according to the new market, we developed a variety of products to meet market, such as: Jaw crusher, European jaw crusher, Hammer crusher, new type Impact crusher etc.

As the lead of mining machinery industry, Yuhong heavy machinery has more than 10 years experience in construction industry, could grasp and research and development production the newest all kinds of crusher equipment in time. Looking to the future, Yuhong Heavy machinery will continue service.

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