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The Mission of Jesus Christ Essays

The Mission of Jesus Christ

            All the things that we need to know about Jesus Christ, we can read in the Holy Bible. From our interpretations of the Bible’s contents, we can deduce the life of Jesus Christ and his purpose or mission of living on earth during the trying times. Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Divine Being, who was sent down to Earth to redeem the people from their lives of sin. Jesus Christ was born from virgin conception, the biological son of the Blessed Virgin Mary and fathered by her husband, Joseph. Jesus grew up in Nazareth as a carpenter like his father. The events following his youth were not revealed in the Scriptures, up until the moment when Jesus Christ chose to teach the Gospel and enlighten the people about his Father, the Divine Being, and salvation as a means for them to save their souls and reap the consequences of their good and noble acts following their salvation in heaven.

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