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Roy Lichtenstein was Born in New York City


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Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York City on October 27th, 1923. He described his childhood as quiet and uneventful. His father was a realtor; his mother was a housewife. Art was not taught at the school Roy attended, but when he turned fourteen he began taking Saturday morning classes at the Parson School of…

The Art and Symbolism of Marc Chagall



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The Art and Symbolism of Marc Chagall   “My name is Marc, my emotional life is sensitive and my purse is empty, but they say I have talent.” Of course, people who regard Marc Chagall as the revered artist that he is, knows that his paintings are more than just about mere ‘talent,’ and are…

Arts and Music Lessons




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Should the performing arts receive equal as sports? The performing arts have been proven to aid in the growth of a child’s mind. Yet sports keep the mind and body strong. This is a debate that has being going on for the past 20 years. On whether funding should be used to fund sports or…

Primary Source Analysis- Sun Tzu’s the Art of War




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Primary Source Analysis- The Art of War| Dr. Chiasson, HI224| Kavinaath Sriskandarajah| | | The Art of War was published by a Chinese military general named Sun Tzu during the Warring States period between 403-221 BCE. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has been translated and published in English multiple times in the 20th century;…

The lost art of typography


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Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business was published in 1985. The theories and concepts described in the book could easily apply to today’s world. Postman goes to great detail in his book about the development of public discourse (verbal and written communication) over the centuries. He explains…

Art Woman Holding a Balance




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Formal Analysis Essay “Woman Holding a Balance” I. This is a religious piece of art. A. The painting that Vermeer placed in the background is “The last Judgement” by Jacob de Backer which depicts Jesus Christ in heaven with extended arms. B. The woman in the image is pregnant which creates a sense holiness to…

Art Appreciation 9


Words: 1588 (7 pages)

Running Head: From the Baroque Period Through the Romantic Age From the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age Art Appreciation Darlene Heffron Introduction The artists of the Realism era depicted in their paintings what they saw around them. Unfortunately it was war. During the eighteenth century, faced with the reality of war, the era of…

Art and Humanities test 2


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Which of the visual elements can best be described as “the path of a moving point”? a. Motion b. Time c. Mass d. Line e. Light Lines are used in art to indicate: a. boundaries between forms. b. direction and motion. c. shadows and highlights. d. spatial depth on flat surfaces. e. All of these…

Basic Methods for Making a Sculpture


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Casting is known as Indirect method Mixing two primary colors produces a Secondary color Which work of art tells the story of a man who was murdered in his bath The death of Marat What separates the art object from the craft object No definite line, but in crafts, special emphasis on materials used In…

Art Style of Cubism


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The height of the Cubism art movement began in 1904 and ended in about 1919, lasting around 15 years. Two notable artists in this period were Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The first branch of cubism, Analytic Cubism, was in France during 1907 to 1911. Its second phase, Synthetic Cubism, it spread out and was…

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