The Person and Mission of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the world’s most popular religious figure. He is the founder of Christianity, the largest religious group of today. He claimed to be the Son of God who came down from heaven to the world to save sinners. Jesus is the Son of God because He was conceived by the Holy Ghost. He   was born around 5 B.C.  in Bethlehem, a town in Israel. His birth was a miracle; he was born of a virgin birth. His virgin mother, Mary, became pregnant, not through a man but through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Jesus is the Son of God because his father is the God of Heaven. It is important to understand, however, that Jesus and God the Father are One.

Jesus lived for 33 years on earth, and He did a lot of miracles. He healed the sick, turned water into wine, and calmed the raging sea. He even defied the laws of nature, for example, when He walked in the water. Everywhere He went, Jesus preached about the Kingdom of Heaven, the love of God, and the need of forgiveness. He gained a lot of enthusiastic followers, but many religious leaders hated him (Perry, 1988, p.126).

Jesus main mission on earth is to save sinners from future damnation in Hell. He accomplished that through His death on the cross. Man is very sinful and cannot save himself from his present and future misery. Jesus death on the cross, therefore, was payment for man’s sins so that the latter can enter heaven. Jesus only requires that man ask His forgiveness, believe on Him, and follow His commandments out of their love for Him. That is the reason why the cross has become a popular symbol of Christianity. The cross reminds them that God loves them so much that He even endured the painful death of the cross to save them (Perry, 1988, 126).

It is no wonder then that Jesus is very popular and loved by the Christians. He is their God, who did a lot of good things while he was alive on earth. But best of all, Jesus is their Savior who died for them in the cross so that they can obtain the forgiveness of their sins.


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