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Imitation of Life Analysis


Words: 448 (2 pages)

Imitation of Life by Douglas Sirk portrays a complex relationship between a Black American mother and her fair skin daughter, Sarah Jane. Appearance is a central theme throughout the story. Sarah Jane can “pass” as white because of her fair skin but despises the fact that her mother is black. Unlike Sarah, her mother Annie…

Analysis of Ted Bundy’s Life and Crimes


Ted Bundy

Words: 4044 (17 pages)

Ted Bundy Cultured, handsome, charming – these were some of the adjectives used to describe Ted Bundy. In other words, he could have been a ladies’ man or even a lady-killer if he so desired. However, these descriptions pertained to only one side of him. The other, darker, side of Ted Bundy was described as…

Product lifecycle of bajaj Pulsar


Words: 5341 (22 pages)

Bajaj Auto “Good evening and thank you for taking time out to interview with us Mr. Rajiv Bajaj” said Ashwini Mathur, correspondent of a prominent news channel. “The pleasure is all mine” replied Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto. Rajiv Bajaj is confident—after all, he has been there and done that. At his office…

Night and Life Is Beautiful Comparative


Words: 865 (4 pages)

The Holocaust, carried out by Nazi Germany, is widely considered one of the most horrific events in history. Many individuals were forcibly torn from their communities and suffered torture and death in Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps. Additionally, they were compelled to endure grueling work schedules. However, despite these unbearable circumstances, a small number of people…

The Use of Inclusive Language and Personal Appeals


Words: 664 (3 pages)

How does the writer use written and visual language to attempt to persuade readers to share his point of view? The use of inclusive language and personal appeals positions the reader to share the writers viewpoint that a communal garden would be beneficial in not only the sense of convenience but also health, wealth and…

Ruby Nell Bridges – Life


Words: 482 (2 pages)

Ruby Bridges             In the life of almost every individual, there are times when he or she has to face various difficulties or challenges in his or her life. Contrary to the belief of some people that the hardships in ones’ life is only experience in the adult years of a person, there are also…

The Military Changed My Life for the Better



Words: 720 (3 pages)

Life in the military has not only changed me, but it has molded me to become a better person. Before I joined the United States Navy, I was a member of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) for my entire tenure of high school; as well as a scholarship recipient to the University of Kentucky….

The benefits of Poppy Seed in daily life (Kas Kas)


Words: 588 (3 pages)

Kas-kas, also known as Opium Poppy in English and scientifically named Semen Papaveris, is a tall annual herb with hairless, almost grayish-green, serrated leaves, growing up to a meter and a half in height. Poppy seed refers to the tiny dried seed of the opium poppy and is used as food, food flavouring, and the…

Life of Subhash Chandra Bose


Words: 4218 (17 pages)

Subhash Chandra Bose was born on January 23, 1897 in Cuttack, Orissa, into an affluent Bengali family. His father, a public prosecutor, ensured that Subhash received a top-notch education at institutions like Scottish Church College in Calcutta and Fitzwilliam College at Cambridge University. In 1920, upon the urging of his parents, Bose took the prestigious…

The Secret Life of Bees An Analysis of Forgiveness and Responsibility



Words: 1579 (7 pages)

            “People give pain, are callous and insensitive, empty and cruel… but place heals the hurt, soothes the outrage, fills the terrible vacuum that these human beings make.” This quote from Eudora Welty sums up the themes of responsibility and forgiveness in Sue Monk Kidd’s novel The Secret Life of Bees (Kidd, 8).  Lily, a…

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