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The Devil and Tom Walker


Words: 445 (2 pages)

The Devil and Tom Walker tells about an ancient legend, reported over town to town, about a greedy man made a pact with the devil, this legend took place in a town called Charles Bay near from Boston, Massachusetts. The legend reports that the pirate captain Kid buried his treasures around the town local area,…

The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving


Words: 577 (3 pages)

The Devil and Tom Walker “The Devil and Tom Walker” written by Washington Irving is an example of romanticism in American literature. This book was written between the late 1600’s and early 1700’s. Romanticism was an artistic movement within literature in the 19th century that promoted individuality with emotion, love and nature. Romanticism within literature…

The Devil in the White City



Words: 1274 (6 pages)

 Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City is about the creation and execution of the 1893 World’s Fair, the Columbian Exposition and the actions of America’s first known serial killer. A powerful portrait of America in the 1890s, the book represents the best and worst of the Gilded Age. The book focuses on two…

The Devil Came on Horseback


Words: 1350 (6 pages)

The Devil Came on Horseback The Devil Came on Horseback is a documentary following Brian Steidle, a retired Captain of the United States Marine Corps who was sent to monitor a ceasefire in Sudan. Brian was sent over as an unarmed military observer or a patrol leader, which was quite the change for the retired…

Pray the Devil Back to Hell: A Response


Words: 1147 (5 pages)

“Pray The Devil Back to Hell” A documentary on the civil war and conflict in Liberia c. 1989 I regretfully cannot claim prior knowledge to the atrocities that took place during Liberia’s first-ever civil war. As I sat in silence absorbing as much information from the documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell”, I noticed,…

The Devil Wears Prada and Educating Rita



Words: 772 (4 pages)

SUMMARY: The Devil Wears Prada, directed by David Frankel is a comedy/drama film which follows the central character Andrea Sachs’ personal transition, a plain and unstylish young women, to a trendy and classy fashion victim. Played by Anne Hathaway, Andrea lands a job at ‘Runway Magazine’ and assist the editor in chief, an intimidating and…

Book Review the Devil and the Land of the Holy Cross

Book Review


Words: 970 (4 pages)

Laura de Mello e Souza’s doctoral dissertation began a study on sorcery in colonial Brazil during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The years prior to the time when she began writing her dissertation many works in historiography had been published. With nothing focusing on Brazil, de Mello e Souza knew there was an abundance…

Literary on ‘The devil in the desert’ by Paul Horgan



Words: 2099 (9 pages)

“The devil in the desert” short story by Paul Horgan (1903-1995) was written in the year 1950. It is a story that features the adventure of an elderly priest who leaves a missionary centre to go preaching to a tribe of Indians that lives in a desert land. At the start of the story, Louis,…

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