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The Gospel Accounts of the Life of Jesus



Words: 978 (4 pages)

The Gospel Accounts of the Life of Jesus             The New Testament of the Bible contains four accounts of Jesus’s life.  Each of these four accounts were written by different people.  Therefore, it is only natural that these accounts would contain some slight differences from each other.  Not everyone hears or remembers an event the…

Jesus and Muhammad Paper


Words: 1368 (6 pages)

Jesus Christ and Muhammad are the Gods looked upon by all Christians and Muslims as their religious leader. Each religions thoughts and ideas are similar with certain variances. Do Christians and Muslims look upon the same God but use a different name? Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is known as the Son Of God, his life…



Words: 1305 (6 pages)

Theologians and philosophers have been trying to question who Jesus is for hundreds of year now. This time in the form of what is called the contemporary study of Christology. The thrust of Christology is somewhat dependent upon which theologian one reads. Hans Kung calls his approach Christology from below. Others simply focus on the…

Parables of Jesus in the Gospels


Words: 963 (4 pages)

The context for Matthew’s parables is that they come right after the section on mounting hostility to Jesus and his mission (in which Jesus establishes that every one of His followers and who does the will of God is his brother and sister) and right before more of Jesus’ miracles and teachings outside Galilee. In…

the death of jesus christ


Words: 1112 (5 pages)

Jesus’ life has provided for the religion of Christianity. Jesus was and is a very important part of modern life, and without him, our lives would be totally different today. In this paper, we are trying to dig deeper into the meaning of Jesus’ crucifixion and death. The basis of the writings about Jesus’ death…

Jesus Christ as the King in the Book of Matthew




Words: 3450 (14 pages)

Introduction             If a man suddenly appears and acclaims to be a king, the public immediately asks for proof. What is his background? Anticipating this important question, Matthew opened his book with a careful account of the birth of Jesus Christ and the events that accompanied it.             The Gospel According to Matthew has been…

Paschal Mystery of Jesus


Words: 2135 (9 pages)

The Paschal Mystery of our Lord Jesus Christ’s main subject is the Passion/Suffering, Death and Ressurection. The Passion includes the physical, spiritual and mental suffering of Jesus in the hours before and including his trial and execution by cruxification. One that comes with my mind is the “Stations of the Cross”. There are lots of…

Reaction Paper About the Life of Jesus



Words: 1550 (7 pages)

When Jesus is preaching He always says “Come, walk with me”. For us, it is sure that Jesus is with us in our everyday lives. We are sure of this because of our faith to Him. Therefore Jesus wants us to realize that if we follow him with all our hearts we are sure that…

Comparison of Jesus and Mohammed


Words: 2022 (9 pages)

         Two influential spiritual leaders who were worlds apart, separated not only by time but their great followings after they have left—Jesus of Nazareth (who was actually born in Bethlehem) and Muhammed of Mecca, were two of the legends, history has not fully grasped or will never fully grasp.  Their geographical locations were so near…

The Beatitudes of Jesus


Words: 2225 (9 pages)

INTRODUCTION Perhaps the meaning of beatitude may become clearer if it is compared with its opposite. The opposite of beatitude is misery. Misery means being afflicted unwillingly with painful sufferings. ” Beatitudes of Christian life are simply stated but are known to be intense in meaning. They point, guide and teach. This shows us the…

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