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Disadvantage of Wars


Words: 319 (2 pages)

War is an armed conflict between two or more groups which attack each other. Although the meaning of wars has changed, the importance of wars hasn’t changed. The wars have many disadvantages for people, such as, economic depression, environmental problems and conflict in social structure. One of the main disadvantages of wars is economic depression….

A Comparison of “the War of the Worlds” Book (1898) and Modern Film





Words: 462 (2 pages)

Although it is the same story, the war of the world’s book (1898) and film (modern) have their differences and similarities. Differences A major difference between them is when it is set and the location. The difference between 1898 and 2005 really changes the story. In 1898 people are fleeing from the tripods in horse-drawn…

Essay – Vietnam War


Words: 343 (2 pages)

During the short span of the Vietnamese war, 2.5 million people died, and millions more displaced. More bombs were dropped than all of World War II, and over one quarter of Vietnam’s forests were killed by Agent Orange. No war has divided the American public like the Vietnam War.The American people wanted nothing to do…

Primary Source Analysis- Sun Tzu’s the Art of War




Words: 1185 (5 pages)

Primary Source Analysis- The Art of War| Dr. Chiasson, HI224| Kavinaath Sriskandarajah| | | The Art of War was published by a Chinese military general named Sun Tzu during the Warring States period between 403-221 BCE. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has been translated and published in English multiple times in the 20th century;…

Two faces of holy war – christians and muslims (1095-1270s)



Words: 1860 (8 pages)

Two faces of holy war – christians and muslims (1095-1270s)Background: The Muslim and Christian holy war were accepted religious duties depicting a heroic enterprise of salvation. In 1095, with the Byzantium proclamation of “Deus vult!”, the Byzantine perception in the act of engaging war against the enemies of the Christian faith guided with a holy…

Case Study – Hilton Hhonors Loyalty War



Words: 916 (4 pages)

In 1999, The Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide raised their cost by announcing their new aggressive frequent-guest program that was accompanied by a fifty million dollar advertising campaign. The head of Hilton HHonors program, Jeff Diskin, recognized their competition and realized Hilton would have to raise their costs to keep up with demand. Two entirely…

The Mexican War by Otis A. Singletary

Single Parent


Words: 589 (3 pages)

This book by Otis A. Singletary deals with different aspects of the Mexican war. It is a compelling description and concise history of the first successful offensive war in United States military history. The work examines two countries that were unprepared for war. The political intrigues and quarrels in appointing the military commanders, as well…

Spanish-American War


Words: 952 (4 pages)

“And shall our country let it pass, this deed of foul intent? And shall our country dare believe it was an accident?… Come arm, we all, and let us teach a lesson to bold Spain. We will avenge, by more than speech the destruction of the Maine! ” These words were spoken by H. W….

The War of 1812: Was the War of 1812 Justified? Sample


Words: 1044 (5 pages)

For America. the War of 1812 was justified. Clearly there were sufficient grounds for America to declare war with Great Britain. Time after clip the British violated American rights and freedoms. Acts such as impressments. the onslaught on the USS Chesapeake. the misdemeanor of American impersonal rights and Waterss. encirclements on U. S. ports. and…

American History War in the South and West



Words: 1783 (8 pages)

While Washington and his troops froze in Valley Forge, General Howe enjoyed the comforts of Philadelphia. However, taking the city gave no military advantage to the British, and General Howe was soon to be replaced. General Howe turned over his command to Sir Henry Clinton in 1778. Clinton, who had never approved of the Philadelphia…

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