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Comparing Christian and Buddhist Ethics




Words: 323 (2 pages)

Religion is an integral part of every person’s life, and every culture worldwide represents different beliefs. Two of the most respected religions globally are Buddhism and Christianity, both with colorful histories and millions of dedicated followers. Despite originating from different time periods, their influence is so great that it has helped shape the beliefs, cultures,…

Diffusion of Buddhism and Christianity



Words: 662 (3 pages)

Siddhartha Gautama, better known simply as Buddha, first followed the Hindu religion but then later realized that the caste system from Hindu was immoral and decided to leave his earthly possessions to find what he believed to be nirvana, which resulted in the creation of Buddhism. Christianity originated from the teachings of Jesus Christ, who…

Emptiness in Buddhism


Words: 2436 (10 pages)

Emptiness is an important idea in Buddhism, especially in Mahayana Buddhism. Thich Nhat Hanh’s commentaries in The Heart of Understanding and in The Dalai Lama’s descriptions follow the same basic idea and concepts of the emptiness doctrine. Another important idea in Buddhism is dependent origination. Emptiness has a very detailed meaning within Buddhist culture. Emptiness…

Taekwondo: A Sport, a Culture, a Way of Life




Words: 3399 (14 pages)

Whether people pattern tae kwon do for athletics, diversion, art, or merely for a avocation, there are five dogmas that govern the practician’s life. Those five dogmas are: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit. For 1000s of old ages, irrespective of what their intent might be for practising tae kwon do, it can…

Analysis of The Eightfold Path




Words: 526 (3 pages)

  At the core of Buddhist teachings are the Four Noble Truths.  He taught that life is suffering; all suffering is caused by ignorance of the nature of reality; suffering can be ended.  The path to the suppression of suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path, which consists of right views, right intention, right speech, right…

The Comparison of Taoism and Buddhism



Words: 492 (2 pages)

Taoism and Buddhism both originated around the same period of time. Siddhartha attained enlightenment approximately in 535 B.C., whereas Lao Tzu’s teachings were recorded roughly in 500 B.C. These two religions have resemblances, particularly in their comprehension of the Tao concept. To fully comprehend its significance, it is crucial to examine its three interpretations. The…

The Sui and Tang Empires




Words: 630 (3 pages)

After the autumn of the Han China was fragmented for several centuries.  China was reunified with the Sui dynasty. male parent and boy swayers who held power from 581 until Turks from Inner Asia defeated the boy. Small lands of northern China and Inner Asia that had come and gone structured themselves around a assortment…

Asoka Ruthless Conqueror vs. Enlightened Ruler


Words: 578 (3 pages)

Was Asoka a Ruthless Conqueror or Enlightened Ruler? Asoka, a serious prince of Mauryan Empire, had many different characteristics. After he conquered Kalinga, he was seeking Guru to find enlightenment. Asoka took leadership of the Mauryan Empire in 268 B. C. All those things show that he was an enlightened ruler. On the other hand…

Reflection paper On Buddhism


Words: 582 (3 pages)

Buddhists past and present have looked to the incidents in Buddha’s life for inspiration. Pick any three major episodes in the Buddha’s life and discourse what lessons they impart to a typical Buddhist homeowner. 1. His first clip recognizing go forthing his house and seeing normal people in the outside universe. I think that this…

Compare and Contrast: Hinduism and Buddhism



Words: 1338 (6 pages)

Both Hinduism and Buddhism originated in the Indian subcontinent and have a strong historical connection, similar to the bond between Judaism and Christianity. The Buddha, like Christ, was born into a Hindu family. There is ongoing debate about whether Buddhism emerged from Hinduism and if the Buddha was considered a deity within the Hindu pantheon;…

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