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Have you ever pondered over what a truly original text looks like? You might think that this is a text that is written by you from scratch. Well, you are right to some extent. Nonetheless, don’t you think that your ideas might coincide with someone others’? This is exactly how plagiarism appears, regardless of the words you use, and this is exactly why one needs a plagiarism scanner to stay on the safer side. Nonetheless, not every plagiarism scanner for students is a good one. Some of them are quite limited and provide an abridged assessment of the paper.

Thus, a student can end up in a quite unpleasant situation, as the consequences of submitting a plagiarized paper can be abundantly serious. Graduateway’s plagiarism scanner is a unique tool that students can use to prevent themselves from getting into the pitfall of submitting plagiarized work.

Running checks by harnessing copious checking algorithms, this plagiarism checker is capable of detecting not only verbally but also contextually and semantically duplicated content. If you still doubt the propriety of using an online plagiarism scanner below, you will find a guide on what plagiarism is and how hard it might get to avoid it.

What Texts Are Considered Plagiarized

The very concept of copied content is way more intricate than you might think. Paraphrasing someone else’s paper won’t help you pass the plagiarism test. It is, first of all, about ideas and not the words one uses to express them. Words are just the means the checker plagiarism tools make use of to detect the content duplicated in a nonchalant manner. Don’t you forget to use a plagiarism scanner every time you’re about to submit a paper to your instructor. Yet, if you are a college student, there are certain types of papers that you can and your professor will surely deem plagiarized.


As a matter of fact, it seems logical that a plagiarized paper is the one that contains plagiarized work. Yet, modern students have reached a new level of content duplication as they are now able to plagiarize themselves. Free plagiarism scanner by Graudateway is capable of detecting any kind of duplicated content, which is nothing but a student’s attempt at using parts of their old works when submitting a new paper. Of course, everything that was originally written by you is your intellectual property. Nonetheless, have you ever seen a singer writing new lyrics for an old tune, saying that this is a brand-new song? Exactly. Do not plagiarize yourself, as this is a strict violation of the academic integrity rule.

Plagiarism in Academia

Unfortunately, stolen content is not a rare commodity among modern students. Of course, not everybody plagiarizes information on purpose. Some students might not know how to have plagiarism detected; others might not even understand what it is. Academic texts contain a lot of information that must come from a plethora of sources, meaning that fleeing from plagiarizing is not that simple. The cases of both intentional and unintentional copying of information are not rare in modern academia, and the plagiarism scanner free online requests often boil down to fixing such cases of academic dishonesty.

 Why Is It Necessary to Check for Duplicate Content?

Well, checking for duplicate content is like checking your health. You want to stay in your prime as long as possible, right? Nobody wants to fall ill just because they’ve forgotten to take a pill prescribed by a doctor. Checking your papers is just like reminding yourself to take that precaution pill that makes sure you will thrive, at least until the next task from your professor.

If one were to search for the best synonym to “checking papers for duplicate,” it would have surely been “preventing the negative consequences.” By the way, let us focus more on what consequences a person can face when being caught on and even charged with copying someone else’s work. You read it right; plagiarizing content can entail criminal liability for the perpetrator.

plagiarism scanner

The Consequences of Plagiarism

Using a plagiarism scanner online is a good choice. If you don’t believe it from the student’s point of view, maybe you will find this statement viable from a legal perspective. Below, you will find some academic aspects of detecting copyright infringement in academic papers.

Academic Consequences

Teachers don’t like their students cheating. Maybe when you’re writing a test in the class, pipping into the book is not so much of a felony as plagiarizing a paper that you had two weeks to deal with. While paper plagiarism scanner users find themselves protected from adversities like this, those who still reject the need for checking their papers might deal with:

Legal Consequences

One thing that folks shall start understanding about the propriety of running a check or a test before submitting their paper is that academic dishonesty is nothing else but a copyright infringement punishable by criminal law. Depending on the type of infringement, the court can pass a number of sentences, which can vary between a mammoth fiscal fine and serving time in a penitentiary.

How Does Our Plagiarism Scanner Work?

The working principles of our product are as simple as daylight. When running checks, our anti-plagiarism scanner runs through the millions of websites, literally checking the whole web for coincidences, both verbal and semantic. Copious algorithms are simultaneously at work when you are checking your paper to make sure that no textual or idealistic coincidence is being left out.

Now, everything you have to do to use our platform is to press one button, which is “upload the file.” Just upload your paper into the system, and it will be checked automatically. You can also use our checking window and copy-paste the text from your file directly into it. The two variants are equally eligible and do not impact the efficiency of the uniqueness report.

What Files Can You Upload?

One of the biggest advantages offered by our platform is the plethora of files it accepts for a check. The folks behind the company have been students themselves, and they know that not everybody has money for purchasing expensive laptops or even word-processing software. Hence, when uploading a text to Graduateway’s plagiarism scanner, you are free to upload .pdf, docx., and .txt files.

Interpretation of the Result

Interpreting the results of the check is quite an easy thing to do, to be fair, especially when checking papers on Graduateway’s plagiarism scanner. The rule of thumb to follow is: your paper must be 100% plagiarism-free. That is, you must see the percentage of 100 on your paper’s uniqueness rating. Sure, Graduateway’s plagiarism scanner can automatically detect plagiarism seamlessly. Nonetheless, you should also stay cognizant of the plagiarism unintentional cases.

Your paper can contain a lot of proper names of organizations, countries, historical events, figures, etc. Proper denominators are not considered plagiarism, just like pieces of text that have been properly cited. Hence, when checking your report, make sure to pay attention to the highlighted parts. Some of them might not be plagiarized, while some might need proper citation.

 Why You Should Choose Our Plagiarism Scanner

To be honest, this question (if this is a question) sounds quite rhetoric, as Graduateway’s plagiarism scanner for papers features so many advantages one can only think of. Yet, let us remind ourselves once again why this service is surely one of the best around.

The plagiarism scanner online free services are for everybody willing to produce unique content to use.

Who cares about fancy designs when everything they need is a free online anti-plagiarism scanner to provide them with an adequate check of their paper? Graduateway’s plagiarism scanner is indecently simple to use, as it takes three clicks of your mouse to get your paper checked.

This detector tool guarantees its customers protection from intrusion into their personal data, as our plagiarism scanner free services envisage automatic customer protection under the privacy policy of our company.

We guarantee the uniqueness of your content checked to the bits, as this is a neoteric plagiarism-checking technology that we apply in our practice. Making use of more than one hundred algorithms, our service runs a detailed check of your text.


If you are a high-school, college, or a university student, you might want to know and understand how important it is to keep the content in your papers unique. Writing a paper is not a simple task, and everybody knows that. Writing a paper that is completely plagiarism-free is even harder. There is a lot of hidden barriers to stumble upon, like proper names, lack of citations, etc. Nonetheless, this is exactly why our services exist. We are here to help you stay away from the calamity of being caught plagiarizing even when you had no intention to do so whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to check my paper for duplicate content?
There is actually nothing easier than doing this on Graduateway’s free plagiarism scanner online. You can just upload the file with the text you need to have checked by using the “Drop You File Here or Click to Upload” menu. You can also copy and paste your text into the checking window by pressing Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V if you use Windows, or Command + C and Command + V if you use MacOS.
What plagiarism score is good?
100% plagiarism-free is the only score you should settle for. Nonetheless, don’t go harsh on yourself, as your paper might contain proper names of companies, countries, people, historical events, etc., which are not considered plagiarized material.
 How to fix my paper if it is plagiarized?
Paraphrase the highlighted parts of your text. Also, you might want to add sources and cite some of the material used in your text, as a cited sentence is not a plagiarized sentence. Finally, you can ask a professional writer on our website to fix your essay or craft a new one for you.
How relevant the results of the plagiarism scanner are?
The scanner runs through millions of websites and databases, harnessing the power of billions of algorithms in order to make sure that your paper is unique. Hence, the results shown are quite relevant.
Does plagiarism scanner have limitations?
No, it does not. As has already been mentioned, it runs through millions of websites and employs copious algorithms when checking your paper. Hence, there are no limitations to be expected.
Is it safe to use a plagiarism tool?
It is 100% safe as all the texts are subject to protection under our customer privacy policy, meaning that nothing you upload for a check is saved. All the materials you provide are being deleted from our database within a matter of hours.

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