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These days plagiarism is a huge problem for most students and writers. That’s why you will want to use a free plagiarism checker and avoid this issue. If you check plagiarism for free, you can avoid severe problems. Keep in mind that plagiarism is something that can get you the worst grade or seriously harm your reputation. All professors literally hate to see plag, so now we will give you a tool that can eliminate this risk.

What is Considered Plagiarism?

You may think that using free plagiarism checker is not mandatory. However, even if you don’t directly copy the entire paper or sentences, you can also end up with plagiarized content. All colleges and publishers use some kind of cheating checker. Hence, they will see if the paper is not 100% original which is once again a huge problem.

The main idea of plag is when you copy or use someone else’s work as your own idea on your writing. This means that if you use even a single sentence from a published book without a proper quote or without the owner allowing you to use it, you are in trouble. A simple plagiarism checker free can eliminate this issue.

For example, if you copy a sentence or multiple ones from a source book into your paper, you will have a paper with plag. If you use quotes, you won’t. If you use your own words to say the same thing, you won’t end up with a plagiarized paper. Now you see why online plagiarism checker free is so important!

Why and What Falls Under Plagiarism?

Here you can actually see all the reasons why you need to use a plagiarism checker for free with all your papers and writing, even if you are a blog writer. There are 4 main types of plagiarism, and each one is specific and different form others. This is something we have to discuss in detail. A free plagiarism checker with percentage will protect you, but you still need to know how to avoid plag.

Types of plagiarism

As stated above, there are 4 main types of plag. Each one is different, and the one you think about is the first type, but not the only one. A simple plagiarism check for free can detect all of these.

  1. Direct Plagiarism

This is the most common type of plagiarism and the best-known one. It is easy to explain, and you probably know all about it. Now you may want to know how can I check my paper for plagiarism for free. It is easy. Just upload the paper and scan it. Anyway, direct plag is when you literally copy content from another writer. It can be a whole paper or just one sentence. It is the worst type of plagiarism and the one you will do intentionally. If you use quotation or mention the source owner, you will avoid plag. You may want to learn how to check an essay for plagiarism now.

  1. Self-Plagiarism

It is an interesting type here, and most students don’t even realize it exists. A free check for plagiarism can protect you from that. In a nutshell, this happens when you copy your own work from a past paper and include it in a new paper. There is no need to mention that this is not acceptable, and you will face plag. An originality checker can help you prevent that. Each paper must be 100% original, and there is no other way, period.

  1. Mosaic Plagiarism

Mosaic plag is when you acknowledge the real author of the sources you used. But, you will fail to quote them, or you will quote the sentences in a wrong manner. Once again, we can see why free plagiarism checker is so important. This type of plag is still bad and will get you into trouble. It is important to add that different colleges in different countries have different quoting styles you need to know about. Using a free online plagiarism checker with percentage will help you prevent this and make needed changes.

  1. Accidental plagiarism

If you misquote the sources or you quote them to another source, you will end up with plag once again. A paper check is almost always needed in order to prevent this and other types we have discussed here. In other words, if your paper has sentences from another source, you forgot to quote, or you made a mistake while quoting from another source, you will have a plagiarized paper.

What is a Plagiarism Checker?

A plagiarism test free is basically an option you must complete as soon as you are done writing. It is anti-plagiarism tool, in other terms. When you upload your paper and test it, the tool will compare all the words and sentences with billions of papers, books, and so much more available online and in different databases. If your paper or a part of it matches some other text, it is not original. This is a free and safe thing, so you can correct you writing before you continue.

How to avoid plagiarism?

There are a few things you can do. Never copy content from other sources. If you want to cite some text, you will have to use proper quotations and a proper formatting system that is acceptable in your college or by your publisher. Also, always check your content using the plagiarism test free. If there is some issue with the text, you can easily find it, and you can correct it before you get into trouble.

Why use plagiarism detector tools?

The lack of a better word, you will use these in order to prevent catastrophic issues. These can be the lowest grade at school or having to write your whole paper from scratch. Now you can see that unicheck plagiarism is something you will want to use.

In the worst-case scenario, the owner of the text you copy can sue you, and you will have to pay a fine, or you may even end up in prison. In some cases, you may even have to pay fees or percentages on a regular basis if you have used this in a published book! You can see the problem.

How to Check for Plagiarism?

You may have heard of authenticity synonym that can help you. But, the first thing here is to learn how you can check your paper. There are two ways. The one is to copy the text and paste it into the field in the online tool. Click ‘test, and you are done. The second way is to upload the text in the Microsoft Office format or some other and test it. Both methods work the same at the end of the day.

With the help of free plagiarism checker, you can protect yourself and your papers easily. The test takes one second, and it is extremely simple. You can use it countless times, meaning all your papers will end up 100% original, which is something you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to check my paper for duplicate content?
There is actually nothing easier than doing this on Graduateway’s free plagiarism scanner online. You can just upload the file with the text you need to have checked by using the “Drop You File Here or Click to Upload” menu. You can also copy and paste your text into the checking window by pressing Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V if you use Windows, or Command + C and Command + V if you use MacOS.
What plagiarism score is good?
100% plagiarism-free is the only score you should settle for. Nonetheless, don’t go harsh on yourself, as your paper might contain proper names of companies, countries, people, historical events, etc., which are not considered plagiarized material.
 How to fix my paper if it is plagiarized?
Paraphrase the highlighted parts of your text. Also, you might want to add sources and cite some of the material used in your text, as a cited sentence is not a plagiarized sentence. Finally, you can ask a professional writer on our website to fix your essay or craft a new one for you.
How relevant the results of the plagiarism scanner are?
The scanner runs through millions of websites and databases, harnessing the power of billions of algorithms in order to make sure that your paper is unique. Hence, the results shown are quite relevant.
Does plagiarism scanner have limitations?
No, it does not. As has already been mentioned, it runs through millions of websites and employs copious algorithms when checking your paper. Hence, there are no limitations to be expected.
Is it safe to use a plagiarism tool?
It is 100% safe as all the texts are subject to protection under our customer privacy policy, meaning that nothing you upload for a check is saved. All the materials you provide are being deleted from our database within a matter of hours.
How long does the check last?
The check will usually last a couple of seconds. Longer papers may need more time, but you are still looking at a minute or even less. This is an extremely fast tool, so you don’t need to wait hours in order to complete the check.
Can I use the tool multiple times?
Yes, you can use it as many times as you like. It will always stay free, and you don’t have to pay any fees or subscription. The goal is to help you have an original paper every single time so you can get the grade you want or use your paper as you should.

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