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What is Shameful Honor 


National Honor Society


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The Muslim religion is one of the fastest growing religions in the world, other than Christianity; according to Pew Research, in 2017 there were about 3.45 million Muslims in the U.S (Mohamed 2018). Some beliefs and practices this religion engage in are polygamy, fasting, wearing hijabs for women, and believing in one God, or “Allah”….

conflict between religions


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The conflict between the Christians and the Muslims, between 1098 and 1229, was the result of political unrest; which was fueled the Muslims migrating into the Christian holy lands, lead by Pope Urban II and carried on, throughout latter centuries by his followers. What follows is a story of war, holy visions,unholy alliances, promises made…

Development of Feminism and Its Impact on Religion



Words: 349 (2 pages)

Feminism is a movement concerned with the advocacy of uplifting the roles and status of women. This struggle of campaigning for women’s rights has started from the nineteenth century up to the present. It takes in various forms of protests and activities, all of which are geared towards the attainment of equal rights for women…

Religions effect in the modern world is harmful


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Uttar Tandon glanced up from his corn field outside Sr nagar to gaze at the midday sun. It was a hot day, and Tandon could hear the sound of gunfire in the hills to the north. For the last week or so the Pakistani geurillas had been harassing Indian positions near the city. Although the…

roots of major western religions


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If anyone had hoped that the assassination of Julius Caesar would bring about the return of Republican rule, they must surely have been disappointed, for the political turbulence simply continued. Caesar’s assassins and his old commanders battled for control, while orators like Cicero labored to save the old Republic. In the and, Julius Caesar’s great…

Religion In “Persepolis”



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In the present society everything is dependent on religion. Both The Handmaid’s Story, which was composed somewhere in the range of 1980 and 1986, and Persepolis, which was additionally composed somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2002, enables the peruser to find out about a general public dependent on religion. The two written works…

The ancient practices of early Pagan religions


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What some Catholics don’t know is a few Of heir practices and traditions are based upon some of the oldest forms of Pagan religions. Now that is a very controversial subject in the eyes of many Catholics. It is so controversial; many have just completely closed their mind to the idea that other earlier forms…

Is there one true religion


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The question that has been discussed since the dawn of time, is there one true religion? This brings about many of the questions that man has posed since his creation such as, “Is there an absolute truth?” “What am I here for?” “What’s right and whats wrong?” “What defines these?” “Can one religion, one god really answer all…

Freud and Religion


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Freud and Religion Introduction Freud believes that religion has played a great part in the making of societies. In his earlier writing, “The future of an illusion,” he regards religion as an illusion, which is equivalent to atheism. He then comes to the conclusion that the idea of God and the religious teachings are some…

The Main Features of Spartan Religion



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With reference to Source 9 and other evidence, explain the main features of Spartan religion. (10 marks) In the ancient world the Spartans were known for their serious attitude towards religion and their obedience to the Gods. Their strict adherence to religious ritual caused them to be mocked by other Greek states. Religion in Sparta…

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