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All posts tagged Vacation

My last vacation Essays

MY LAST VACATION There are various reasons why people plan trip to places of interests.  As soon as I concluded my academic programs last semester, I decided to go on vacation to a place of interest. The next decision was to find a choice place to visit. Of the options…

My Not So Ideal Vacation Essays

My Not So Ideal Vacation My vision of an ideal vacation is staying in a place where I can relax my mind and body from work and stress. A time where I can do whatever I want without thinking of my tasks for the next day. Vacation for me is…

My exotic European Vacation Essays

            Some people, when asked to imagine someplace exotic, are prone to think of places in the South Pacific, where native girls wear coconuts, the bugs are as big as footballs, and the tropical rainforest seems like it will swallow up every instance of civilization if given the chance.  However,…