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My Memories and Trip to London


Words: 414 (2 pages)

Here I am sitting on the plane to London for the third time. I know, three is an awful lot of times considering how expensive tickets are nowadays. It’s just I haven’t been able to decide whether or not I am ready to leave everything behind. Everything , as in my cute apartment, my adorable…

My Summer Trip to Abha


Words: 420 (2 pages)

During my Eid holidays we visited Abha. Abha is about 2. 200 metres above sea degree. It is the capital of Asir state. The trip distance from Dammam to Abha was about 1450 kilometer. It was a journey from 47 C to 15 C. The interesting side of our trip was my grandparents besides came…

My Trip to Sixflags


Words: 631 (3 pages)

My Trip to Six Flags Wow! Look at that roller coaster and its speed and all of the timorous people on it. That’s what you expect to see when you go to Six Flags. Yes, finally the day I go to Six Flags, I felt overjoyed I was so excited! All I could see was…

My Visit to Scotland


Words: 605 (3 pages)

Visit to Scotland Right, so you have two and a half days to visit Scotland. Not very long, is it? And I suggest the first day stay in Edinburg. And in the morning go on coach tour of the city. Just for a half day, just for a morning. And on a coach tour you…

Ancient Artwork and Architecture in Jerusalem


Words: 289 (2 pages)

Ancient artwork and architecture in Jerusalem has served as an example for the modern architects for a long time. There are so many churches, monasteries and shrines which belong to the historic Christian stewards of this place. Architects in Jerusalem used an even older tradition of stone work and other elements of architecture (Eldar, 2010). ArchitectureMost…

Memories About My Trip to Spain


Words: 601 (3 pages)

Ever since the age of 8 I dreamed of going to Barcelona, Spain just so I can go see my favorite professional soccer team play which Is FCC Barcelona. I was so eager to go I could almost hear the sound of the ball swooshing through the alarm or It halting the cleats of the…

My Trip to Six Flags


Words: 354 (2 pages)

Later, than day my mom’s friend came to pick us up and the trip began. One place we stopped was at a restaurant, it was really nice and had a lot of good food but I can’t remember the name of it. We also stopped at gas station, where I saw this pretty girl so…

Spain: Сulture, Politics, People


Words: 4928 (20 pages)

After careful consideration, we have to conclude that Introducing our product In this new market could definitely be a success. Since research shows us that our current target market is also well represented in Spain, there is enough potential for a large offset. Furthermore, it showed that Spanish youngsters crave American products, which will create…

Slip or Trip English


Words: 482 (2 pages)

On August 13, 2013, at approximately 1:37 A. M. , Sparks police department received a call that an accidental death has occurred. Queenie Volupides, the wife of the deceased Arthur Volupides, claims that her husband slipped and fell on the stairs while he was coming down to the kitchen for another alcoholic beverage. She says…

Tips How Planning a Trip to Anywhere


Words: 332 (2 pages)

Total Round Trip Kilometers The trip is going to cover about skim all together. It is roughly going to take 2 or 3 days to get to our destination (we will also be stopping to rest). Preparing your Vehicle Before leaving, we will make sure that our vehicle is in perfect condition. If there is…

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