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Cocept of Fun Filled Vacation Has Changed

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The magic word is holidays and the glee on the children’s face is unmistakable. Vacations once meant freedom – that freedom was celebrated with all round destructions Of ink pots, pen and stationary. Not Only did the youth enjoy the vacations but the adults look forward to it. In these changing times the concept of vacations has undergone a silent transformation. Vacation has taken a new definition, it no longer means rejuvenating with elitists and extended families but a corporate style holiday at a five star hotel equipped with a swimming pool, a club etc.

People these days prefer to take only their family members to the destination as it is a costly affair. People love to play on laptops, work on social networking sites or be in touch with their offices via email instead of exploring nature and enjoying outdoor activities. Nevertheless people do enjoy their vacations although the concept has under gone a change. For children the lazy holidays seems to be out, hill a break from school is needed, students are still encouraged to continue their education during the vacations.

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Cocept of Fun Filled Vacation Has Changed
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The students are once again put on a tight frame. There is work to done and trainings to undergo in the form of holiday homework. This new modern trend of vacations has just become another routine, with learning and training going hand in hand. Now few can watch T -V till midnight and wake up to a lazy breakfast. If children are elated with the thought that they can bid good-bye to books, their joy is short lived. Let us all try to revive the times when vacations was meant for rejuvenations.

When young minds have four weeks in a year to do whatever they want to, even if it means watching silly cartoons, lazing around in the house or playing some old fashioned but wonderful games. Maybe a day would come when as a part of holiday homework we will go to our Granny’s and Grandpa’s for story telling session and revive the sweet memories of by gone era.

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