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Rizal Grand Tour of Europe with Viola


Words: 806 (4 pages)

Rizal’s Grand Tour of Europe with Viola (1887) May 11, 1887- Rizal and Viloa left Berlin by train. Their destination was Dresden. Dresden Their visit coincided with the regional floral exposition which Rizal was interested in Botany. They visited Dr. Adolph Meyer, who was overjoyed to see them. Rizal was deeply impressed by painting of…

Solaire Resort and Casino




Words: 4029 (17 pages)

1.Abstract The interesting mixed use Integrated Resort (IR) development model provides various accommodation experiences, sports and entertainment activities, security as well as a ‘lifestyle living experience’, it also provides the developers and investors a bright opportunity to attract different consumers for its highest return. This paper seeks to identify the blend of macro and micro…

Research: Tourism in Malta


Words: 4117 (17 pages)

Malta is a Southern European country, technically an archipelago in the center of the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily. An archipelago is a group of many islands surrounded by water. Malta consists of a group of seven islands out of which only the three largest-Malta, Gozo and Comino are inhabited whilst the othersmaller islands…

Micro And Macro Environment Analysis Of Disneyland Tourism




Words: 1490 (6 pages)

Upon reexamine the Disneyland operation in different parts that appear many chances and challenges, which are confronting to Disneyland. Since the major challenge is cultural clang in different countries that vary from part to part, which together with the jobs of Disneyland ‘s standardisation construction. In the yesteryear, Disneyland has trouble when covering with the…

Food Tourism – British Food Journal



Words: 3606 (15 pages)

Food is the subject of various types of tourism product and is a common theme in marketing, by businesses and destination authorities. Tourism in which food plays a primary or supporting role is already popular and has good prospects, but there are also challenges for the food and tourism industries to overcome, which vary with…

Pestel Analysis Of Tune Hotels Uk Expansion Tourism



Words: 1328 (6 pages)

The hotel industry within the United Kingdom is a extremely competitory market with many different hotel administrations, such as Tune Hotels, each seeking to offer something alone, desirable and profitable. It is hence of import for administrations within this industry to stay invariably cognizant of the external factors that could potentially impact their public presentation…

Application Of Revenue Management Tourism



Words: 1737 (7 pages)

RevenueA Management is besides known as output direction. It is a procedure for capacity-constrained industries to maximise profitableness by apportioning the right stock list to the right clients at the right monetary value. Gross Management is the request of controlled analytics that forecast consumer act at the micro-market degree and better merchandise handiness and…

A Descriptive Study of Food Tourism in the Philippines





Words: 1208 (5 pages)

Eliza Daval-Santos, my rofessor in this Tourism Research Methods and Techniques subject, for the guidance and lessons she taught us about all of the research principles and procedures that I learned and applied in our research proposal. Our thankfulness and appreciations also go to our classmates and friends in developing the project and people who…

Sample Topics for thesis HRM




Words: 544 (3 pages)

Proposed Dissertation Topics 1. Local food and cuisine of different Hungarian tourism regions. 2. The impact of gastronomic events on the development of catering industry. 3. Analysis of catering developments in Hungary after 1990. 4. Foreign interests in the hospitality market. Motivations, targeted areas, concentration of capital and globalisation ambitions. 5. Wine tourism in Europe…

Assignment Essay – Cruise ship



Words: 965 (4 pages)

In my assignment I am going to tell you why this Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, has caught my eye for the hospitality segment. I am going to list and explain some trends that are on this cruise that attract people to continue to return to cruises, and usually love them so much. Service on cruises…

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