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The writer describes their recent vacation to Palm Beach, Florida. The weather was pleasant, with an average daytime temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and an average nighttime temperature of 60 degrees. They stayed at an oceanfront resort and enjoyed relaxing at the beach and pool, as well as dining at local seafood restaurants. The writer also went for walks at the marina, where they saw African Child fish and watched deep-sea fishing boats come and go. Palm Beach is described as a beautiful vacation spot with scenic mansions and pastel-colored buildings. The writer took a day trip to the Florida Keys, which featured stunning beaches and lush tropical vegetation. Key West, the southernmost point in the United States, had great nightlife and interesting spots to explore. The writer felt rejuvenated from their vacation and is already planning for next year.

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The average daytime imperative was 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature overnight was 60 degrees. The sun shone six out of the seven days we were there. We stayed at an oceanfront resort. In the afternoon we would go down and relax at the beach. Ten in the evening was a good time to relax at the pool. At that time, the crowds were gone, so we could take a private dip in the pool and hot tub. We enjoyed a few quiet evening dinners at one of the local ocean front seafood restaurants. And on Thursday night our resort held a poolside barbeques with live entertainment.

We also enjoyed going for morning and evening walks at the marina. We were able to look over the docks and see African Child’s which were 10 times the size of the ones that I have in my aquarium. A lot of deep-sea fishing boats were docked, so it was interesting watching them come and go. There was also a nice seaside restaurant that served great seafood. The scenery in Palm Beach is beautiful. From the Oceanside mansions with their tropical landscaped yards, to the entertainment district with its pastel colored buildings. Palm Beach is truly a great vacation spot.

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One day we decided to be adventurous and took a five-hour drive down to the Florida Keys, which are a string of islands connected by bridges. We went as far south as Key West. Which is the southern most point in the United States, and only 90 miles north of Cuba. While driving down, we went over one bridge that was ten miles long. At one point all we could see while driving was water, as there was no land in site. Key West reminded me of a Caribbean island, as it has sugar white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water. The beaches are the best I have seen in Florida.

This is and island radius with lush tropical vegetation everywhere the eye can see. For those who enjoy the nightlife there are a lot of fine restaurants and great places with live entertainment. There are also a lot of interesting spots to explore on the island. There are a variety of southern birds, reptiles and fish. While traveling on the plane back home. I felt rejuvenated. Although, I was not looking forward to returning to winter, it was nice to have that short break. Being able to get away for a week breaks up the long winter and makes it a little more bearable. Now I can start planning for next year.

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