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Long stretch of summer vacation is one of the arguments that some parents and educators are arguing about. They say that the school year should be changed so that there wouldn’t be a 1 a-week summer break. But for me the school year should not be changed. Students should still have 10-week summer break. Students are just humans they also need to rest and relax even just for 10-week. 10-week summer break is the time for students to enjoy and have a fun time with their family. Summer is for students for them to relax, be productive, and enjoy more quality time with their family.

Students can do a lot of things during summer for them to be productive. In our country most students get a summer job during long stretch of summer vacation. For them to earn money during those long Summer days and save it for school fees. Some students have a summer job for them to save money for college. Long summer break is the time for most students to work for them to earn money of their own. This is the time for students to be productive. Myself can get a summer job this summer vacation. Long stretch of summer vacation will be a long time for me to save some money for school sees or save money for myself.

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Having a long summer break for most students can be very helpful for them to have a long time for saving money for themselves. Some students especially those students who really worked hard for 10 months needs to have a break even just for 10 weeks. What is 10 weeks compare to 10 months? Students who studied hard also need to relax their brain and summer break is the only time for them to not think of school work. Students are not just the one who needs a long summer break most teachers also need long summer break, like students teachers need to relax and enjoy mummer with their family.

Longer summer break is better, not just for students but also for teachers. I’m a student and I would love to have a longer summer break like what I have said I need to relax my brain and 10 weeks is good enough for me to rest and not to think about school work. Summer break is also time for summer school to some students that need to take advance subjects or subjects that they need to take. There are 6 week summer school and there are only 4 weeks left for some students who take summer school to relax and enjoy summer.

If we lessen the days of summer vacation some students who take summer school will not have a longer chance to experience the joy of summer. They will not have a longer summer with their family. I will be going to take summer school this year so really disagree if ever summer break will be less than 10 weeks. Summer vacation is a great time for students, teachers, with their family to enjoy,relax, and have a fun quality time with their family. Summer is a great time because the weather is nice. Summer is a great time for the family to enjoy some trips.

Like going to the beaches, playing outside with their family, going to picnics, and a lot of things to do during summer if we still have a long summer vacation. Summer is fun especially when it’s longer because you can have a longer time to spend with your family without thinking of any school works. The school year shouldn’t be change. It should stay the same. If you change it students and other teachers might disagree, because like what I said long summer vacation is a time for students and even for teachers to enjoy the nice, happy feeling of summer.

School year shouldn’t be changed as we still need to have 2 weeks of winter break, 1 week of spring and 1 0-week summer break. It should just stay the same no need to change it. It will just make things complicated. Summer should be the longest time for vacation because the weather is nice and there’s a lot more to do during summer season. Like having a summer job, attending summer school, having a fun time with the family and most of all relax and enjoy long summer. The longer summer break is, the more fun and enough rest for the students.

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