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Cold War Essay Topics & Ideas

Persuasive Essay Topics About Cold War

  1. “Berlin Airlift” – Cold War History Essay (Movie Review)
  2. A Post Cold War Era Coursework
  3. A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror
  4. A Zero-Sum Game or a Win-Win Situation: The Outcome of the Cold War
  5. America During the Cold War
  6. America’s Management of the Cold War
  7. American Cold War In Literature
  8. American Containment Strategy and The End of The Cold War
  9. American History: The Cold War
  10. American Life During & After the Cold War
  11. American Policy of Containment During The Cold War and Its Consequences
  12. Analyse the role of Cuba in the development of the Cold War
  13. Analysis of How The Cold War Shaped The American Economy, Society and Politics from 1945 to 1992
  14. Canada Role in the Cold War
  15. Causes of Cold War
  16. Chapter 20, Section 1: Kennedy and the Cold War
  17. China’s Rise and Cold War with the US Report (Assessment)
  18. Civilization in XIX Century and Cold War
  19. Cold War 1945-1968, and 1973-1993 in USA
  20. Cold War and a Bipolar World Descriptive
  21. Cold War and Containment
  22. Cold War and End of Empires in the 20th Century
  23. Cold War and Its Global Impact
  24. Cold War and the Rivalry Between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Interesting Essay Topics About Cold War

  1. Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union
  2. Cold War Consequences for European Countries
  3. Cold War Discussion: Six Facts
  4. Cold War Era and Threats to American Families
  5. Cold War Ethical Reflection
  6. Cold War Fears DBQ
  7. Cold War History
  8. Cold War II: A Big Misunderstanding
  9. Cold War Impact on US Foriegn Policy
  10. Cold War in Guatemala Critical Analysis
  11. Cold War in Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” Movie
  12. Cold War in the US. May’s “Homeward Bound” Book Essay (Critical Writing)
  13. Cold War Korea in “Joint Security Area” Movie Essay (Critical Writing)
  14. Cold War Literature – The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Waiting for Godot, and Red Alert
  15. Cold War Major Aspects and Events
  16. Cold War Origins in American and Russian Views
  17. Cold War Orthodoxy
  18. Cold War Paranoia in “Captain America” and “Batman”
  19. Cold War Persuasive
  20. Cold War politics, Culture and Wars Research
  21. Cold War Space Race Analysis Term
  22. Conspiracy Theories and The Cold War
  23. Could Cold War Have Been Avoided?
  24. Could The Cold War Have Been Avoided

Informative Essay Topics About Cold War

  1. Cultural Diversity, Cold War Art and Technology
  2. Decolonization and Influence of the Cold War
  3. Dr. Strangelove, a Movie by Stanley Kubrick: a Look at The Threat of Nuclear War Happening During The Cold War
  4. Effects of Cold War in Economic Development
  5. End of the Cold War
  6. End of the Cold War and Global Economy
  7. Fall of the Soviet Union After Cold War
  8. Firefighting History from Cold War Era to Present
  9. From World War to Cold War
  10. Head of Household during the Cold War Era
  11. Holocaust and the Cold War
  12. How did the Cold War begin?
  13. How did the cold war effect Australia?
  14. How did the Cold War order of the Asia-Pacific differ from that of Europe?
  15. How U.S Relations have Impacted and Affected Pakistani-Indian Relations Post Cold War Analytical
  16. Impact of the Vietnam War and Results of the Cold War Research
  17. Importance of Berlin in Cold War
  18. Influence of The Cold War
  19. International Relations During the Cold War
  20. Japan’s Role since the end of the Cold War
  21. Kennedy and the Cold War
  22. Lasting Effects of Nuclear Arms Race and Cold War
  23. Latin America and the Cold War
  24. McCarthyism and Its Effect on the Cold War

Cold War Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Modern American history from the second world war to the cold war
  2. Muslim Population: Factors That Have Led to the Increase of Muslims and the Spread of Islam, Especially After the Cold War
  3. Nixon’s Policies Versus the Strategies of Cold War
  4. North Atlantic Treaty Organization After the Cold War Report (Assessment)
  5. Oleg Penkovsky, a Double Agent of the Cold War
  6. Origins of the Cold War
  7. Origins of the Cold War Term
  8. Personalities of The Cold War
  9. Physical Fitness and Sport Policy in the Cold War Essay (Critical Writing)
  10. Political Science – The Cold War
  11. Portrayal of Americans Psychological State During Cold War in The Movie The Manchurian Candidate
  12. Post Cold War
  13. Post Cold War Period: Instability in Europe Report (Assessment)
  14. R. Mugabe’s Diplomacy in Zimbabwe During Cold War
  15. Reasons for Development of the Cold War
  16. Reasons of the Cold War Between the Soviet Union and the US
  17. Reflection Essay on The End of the Cold War
  18. Religion as One of The Causes of The Cold War
  19. Rethinking Cold War History
  20. Richard Nixon’s Diplomacy During the Cold War
  21. Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev Discussion on Resolving The Cold War
  22. Soviet Domination of Eastern Europe Cold War
  23. Sports Diplomacy During the Cold War
  24. Surviving the Cold War

Cold War Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. The Causes of Korea war and How it epitomized Cold War
  2. The Cold War
  3. The Cold War and Cuba
  4. The Cold War and Its Influence on Europe Report (Assessment)
  5. The Cold War and Its Influence on the American Society
  6. The Cold War and Motivations Behind It
  7. The Cold War and the Events of September 11
  8. The Cold War and The Fifties Research
  9. The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy Research
  10. The Cold War Between the Union Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States of America Research
  11. The Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union
  12. The Cold War Context and Social Norms
  13. The Cold War Exploratory
  14. The Cold War Impact on Social Conditions
  15. The Cuban Crisis as the Challenge of the Cold War
  16. The Current Tendencies of the Cold War Essay (Book Review)
  17. The Effect of the Cold War on Stem Education
  18. The End of the Cold War
  19. The Film Industry During Cold War
  20. The ICRC During The Cold War
  21. The Impact of Nuclear Power in The Cold War
  22. The Impact of the End of the Cold War on Us Foreign Policy
  23. The Impact of World War Ii and The Cold War on The Development of Science in The 20th Century
  24. The Influence of The Cold War Concerns on The Vietnam Policy of President Kennedy

Cold War Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. The Middle East amidst the Cold War
  2. The Onset of the Cold War
  3. The Policy of Containment During The Cold War
  4. The Political Situation in Brazil During The Cold War
  5. The Positive Aspects of the Cold War
  6. The Quiet American – Greene and The Cold War Mindset
  7. The Rapid Ending of the Cold War Report (Assessment)
  8. The Relations Between China & America after The Cold War
  9. The Role of Ideology in the Cold War Report (Assessment)
  10. The role of the Cold War in shaping transatlantic relations in the period 1945 to 1970
  11. The Soviet Space Program Role in the Cold War
  12. The United States in the Cold War Era and Korea
  13. The Ups and Downs of the Cold War
  14. To what extent could the Cold War have been avoided?
  15. To what extent did the Cold War play a role in the 1950s in catalyzing the Iranian revolution in 1979? Research
  16. To what extent did the Cold War shaped the US relations with Latin America?
  17. To what extent was the vietnam war part of the cold war
  18. Truman, Zhdanov, and the Origins of the Cold War
  19. Unit 1 B Section 5: Cold War Events
  20. United States and Soviet Union Relationship throughout the Cold War
  21. US Actions Abroad During the Cold War
  22. US Involvement in Southeast Asia and the Cold War
  23. Was the American Use of the Atomic Bomb against Japan in 1945 the Final Act of WW2 or the Signal That the Cold War Was about to Begin
  24. Was the Cold War inevitable after World War II?

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