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Top 57 Beowulf Essay Topics & Ideas

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Beowulf, an Old English poem by an unknown author, is the only surviving monument of the Anglo-Saxon epic. Most scientists agree that Beowulf was created in the 8th century. an English monk who knew both Old English and Latin literature. The poem has survived in a single manuscript of the late 10th century. in Old English. The study of Beowulf began in 1815, after the publication of the first edition. The poem contains 3182 lines, written in alliterative verse. Named for the main character.

Argumentative Beowulf Essay Topics

Beowulf is the longest epic poem in Old English.

  1. Anglo-Saxon Values & Culture in Beowulf
  2. Point of View In Grendel And Beowulf
  3. Religion In Beowulf: Exploring Christianity And Paganism
  4. The Concept of Fate In The “Beowulf”
  5. The Epic Poem, Beowulf – Vengeance And Revenge In Beowulf
  6. The Role of Women In Beowulf
  7. Tragedy In Braveheart, The Last Samurai, And Beowulf: The Relevance of Aristotle’S Poetics In Contemporary Movie Analysis
  8. Violence In Beowulf
  9. What Is A Hero – Beowulf
  10. Women In Beowulf
  11. Pagan And Christian Themes In Beowulf
  12. The Scop (Beowulf)
  13. The Supernatural In Beowulf And Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
  14. Deconstructionist Analysis of Beowulf
  15. Generosity In Beowulf
  16. Contrasting Points of View In Grendel And Beowulf
  17. Cultural Significance In Beowulf And It’S Time Period
  18. A Descriptive of Grendel From “Beowulf”
  19. A Different Perspective of Grendel, From Beowulf
  20. Archetypes In Beowulf
  21. Beowulf And The 13Th Warrior Comparison
  22. Beowulf Shows Sacrifice by Leaving His Home Town
  23. Beowulf Comparison To Modern Day Hero
  24. Beowulf Pagan Or Christian
  25. Beowulf (A Story Based On Religion)
  26. Characteristics of The Beowulf Poem
  27. Archetypes: Hero And Beowulf
  28. Monsters and heroes in Beowulf

Beowulf Essay Topics About the Main Hero

  1. Conflict Within Beowulf
  2. What Makes Beowulf A Hero And How Does It Compare To Modern Day Heroes
  3. What’s The Difference Between Beowulf And King Arthur?
  4. Why Is Beowulf Considered A Hero
  5. Beowulf’S Heroic Qualities
  6. Beowulf: Epic Hero

Beowulf  Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

There is only one surviving Beowulf manuscript.

  1. “Beowulf” vs “The 13Th Warrior” Comparison Sample
  2. A Comparative On The Characteristics of The Faerie Queen’S Error And Beowulf’S Grendel
  3. Beowulf And Evil Problem
  4. Beowulf and The Iliad Comparison
  5. Examples of Loyalty In Beowulf
  6. Beowulf And Parzival
  7. Beowulf Vs. Star Wars Compare & Contrast
  8. Beowulf Vs. 13Th Warrior
  9. Beowulf Vs.Gilgamesh As Epic Heroes
  10. Beowulf Vs. James Bond
  11. Beowulf, Comparison Between Movie And Film
  12. Christianity And Paganism In Beowulf Research
  13. Comparison And Contrast of Grendel And Beowulf
  14. Comparison Between Beowulf And The Wanderer
  15. Comparison of Hrothgar And Beowulf As Kings Sample
  16. Comparisons Between The Hobbit And Beowulf Sample
  17. The True Hero – Sir Gawain Vs Beowulf
  18. Heroism Beowulf And Sir Gawain
  19. Comparing the Hero in Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  20. Mulan And Beowulf, Epic Heros
  21. Good Vs Evil: Beowulf
  22. Beowulf: Movie And Book Sample
  23. Beowulf: Pagan Or Christian Epic
  24. Causality And Beowulf Foreshadowing

Essay Examples on This Topic

Beowulf in a Nutshell

The original manuscript of Beowulf was damaged in a fire.

  1. Archetypes In Seamus Haney’s Beowulf
  2. Beowulf And Achilles
  3. Beowulf Vs Everyman Research Paper Beowulf
  4. Comparison Between Beowulf and the Modern Day Hero
  5. Religion and Beowulf
  6. The Lead of Beowulf Essay
  7. Three Battles of Beowulf Essay
  8. Why Is Beowulf Considered A Hero
  9. Epic Poem: Beowulf

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What is the story Beowulf?
The story takes place in 6th-century pagan Scandinavia. Beowulf, a Hero of the Geats helps Hrothgar the King of the Danes, whose Mead Hall in Heorot is under attack by Grendel the monster. Grendel's mother attacked the hall after Beowulf killed him.
What is the main point of Beowulf?
Beowulf's history is heavily devoted to this topic. The Germanic heroic code of conduct: articulating and illustration This values strength, courage, and loyalty in soldiers; hospitality, generosity and political skill in the kings; women's ceremoniousness; and good reputation among all people.
Is Beowulf a true story?
Although there is no historical Beowulf evidence, other characters, sites, and events can be historically confirmed. The poem's Danish King Hrothgar (and his nephew Hrothulf) are based on historical figures.
Was Beowulf a Viking?
Beowulf was identified by as a Geat, which is a Viking culture that originated from Sweden. The Danes are a Viking culture that originated in Denmark. The mead-hall is mentioned in the poem Beowulf.

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