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Supporting the Ban on Assault Weapons

Gun Control

Words: 2522 (11 pages)

Thesis: Congress should uphold the ban on assault-type weapons. I.Introduction of the history and background information. A.Important statistics concerning assault weapon facts. B.The problem with assault weapons on the streets. C.Assault weapons use in war situations and law enforcement. II.Defending the debate of upholding the ban on gun control. A.The deadly stories and statistics on…

Pro gun control debates

Gun Control

Words: 2235 (9 pages)

Many would argue the opposite and say that it is down to the individual to control himself or herself. The facts state the obvious and will prove to you that gun control can save lives. Since the tragic school shooting in Newton Connecticut, gun control has taken center stage around the country and with our…

Controversial Issue – Gun Control

Gun Control

Words: 496 (2 pages)

Gun control has been a controversial issue for years. A vast majority of citizens believe that if gun control is strictly enforced it would quickly reduce the threat of crime. Many innocent people feel they have the right to bear arms for protection, or even for the pleasure of hunting. These people are penalized for…

The Second Amendment: Gun Control

Gun Control

Words: 976 (4 pages)

In 1791 the second amendment to the constitution was ratified and it stated that a ‘Well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed” (Lee no. Page. ). Since its ratification, many debates over the meaning and over gun control…

Gun Control: the Real Issues

Gun Control

Words: 1520 (7 pages)

“Misuse or theft prohibited by law”. This was the warning printed on a milk-carrying container at the local grocery store where I work. The use of the word “prohibited” intrigued me, so when I got home I looked it up in Reader’s Digest’s Great Encyclopedic Dictionary. I found two definitions: “1. To forbid, especially by…

Annotated bibliographies for restrictive licensing of guns


Gun Control


Words: 810 (4 pages)

Annotated bibliographies for restrictive licensing of guns Almanac of Policy Issues, Gun Control, 2002 viewed on March 28, 2010 from Almanac of Policy Issues focuses on the adverse effects of increasing the amount of handguns owned by civilians so as to stress on the need for implementation of restrictive licensing laws. This article agrees…

Antigun Control: Good or Bad

Gun Control

Words: 664 (3 pages)

Intro Imagine you are sitting home one night with nothing to do. Your parents have gone away for the weekend and there is absolutely no one around. So you sit around that night watching TV for awhile but find nothing on worth watching. You go on upstairs to your room and get ready for bed….

Position paper on gun control

Gun Control

Words: 914 (4 pages)

Gun control is a major topic that almost any given American has an opinion on due to the different events that have happened in the last decade and even prior to that. Many are for removing the right for average citizens to own a gun. Believe though that the implementation of gun control could not…

Should more gun control laws be enacted

Gun Control


Words: 1340 (6 pages)

Gun Control is not the Answer Karen Held Granite State College A man carrying two revolvers and two mm semi-automatic handguns calmly entered into the Danceable Primary School. Two people quickly saw the firearms and tried to tackle the man; he shot them, and left them wounded as he continued his journey down the hall…

Gun Rights vs Gun Control

Gun Control

Words: 691 (3 pages)

One of the most hotly debated topics today is gun control. But what exactly is gun control? Is it making it so hard to own that it takes away from the game or leaves someone in fear of not being able to protect themselves? Could it be that it is there to protect the innocent…

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