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Odyssey Topic Ideas to Write About

The Odyssey is Homer’s epic about Ulysses’ ten-year struggle to get home after the Trojan War. Ulysses is faced with mysterious creatures and the wrath from the gods as his wife Penelope repels the newlyweds who are vying to win Penelope’s hand and the throne at Ithaca for long enough for Ulysses. Ulysses wins a contest to prove her identity and kills her husband. The Odyssey ends with Ulysses reoccupying Ithaca.

The Odyssey of Homer is as dramatic and powerful as The Iliad. The poem will remain in the memory of readers forever because it is free from racial hatred and political events. Homeric Greek is a type of rhapsody which is likely meant to be sung, as it is found in the Odyssey. The story centers around Odysseus who will take ten years to reach Ithaca after the Trojan War. His death is misunderstood. Penelope, his wife Penelope, and Telemachus deal directly with the suitors who want Penelope’s attention. Their lives are made miserable by rebellious work

Argumentative Odyssey Essay Topics

  1. Hospitality in the Odyssey
  2. Powerful Women of Homer’s Odyssey
  3. Goddesses In The Odysseys
  4. About Face, The Odyssey of An American Warrior: A Book Review
  5. The Odyssey under Historical Source-Criticism
  6. Odyssean Charisma and the Uses of Persuasion
  7. The Odyssey: Hospitality in Ancient Greece
  8. Odyssey Leadership
  9. Odyssey: The Journey of A Hero
  10. Character Analysis: Penelope From The Odyssey
  11. Definition of Heroism (In Response To The Odyssey)
  12. Ender’s Game Vs. Odyssey
  13. The Imperfect Hero of Homer’s Odyssey
  14. Penelope of The Odyssey
  15. Temptation In The Odyssey
  16. The Concept of Happiness In Gilgamesh, Odyssey and Augustine’s Confession Sample
  17. The Concept of Justice In The Odyssey
  18. Loyalty In The Odyssey
  19. Comparing “O Brother, Where Are Thou?” to “The Odyssey
  20. Vengeance In The Odyssey
  21. Women In The Odyssey
  22. Homer’s The Odyssey and Gilgamesh
  23. How Women Are Portrayed In Homer’s Odyssey
  24. The Use of Epic Conventions In The Odyssey

Odyssey Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. “2001: A Space Odyssey & “The Sentinel”
  2. Fate and Justice In The Odyssey
  3. Compare and Contrast The Theme of “Fathers and Sons” As Depicted In The Bible, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid
  4. Comparison of The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid
  5. A Comparison of Characters In Homer’s The Odyssey
  6. The Power of Relationships In Antigone By Sophocles and The Odyssey By Homer
  7. Wisdom Vs. Strength In Odyssey
  8. The Cyclops in The Odyssey & Greek Mythology
  9. The Odyssey and The Epic of Gilgamesh
  10. The Role of Women In Oedipus The King and Odyssey of Homer
  11. Personal Growth and Improvement As Reflected In Homer’s The Odyssey

Odyssey Analysis Essay Topics

  1. An Analysis of Loyalty In Homer’s Odyssey
  2. Analysis of The Odyssey By Homer
  3. Literary Analysis of The Odyssey
  4. Kleos and its Ironies in the Odyssey
  5. Role of Divine Intervention In The Odyssey
  6. The Gods and Mortals In Homer’s The Odyssey
  7. Role of Gods Intervention In The Odyssey
  8. Major Themes in The Odyssey
  9. The Odyssey: Hospitality in Ancient Greece
  10. Fate, the Gods, and Free Will Theme in The Odyssey

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the plot of The Odyssey?
It follows Odysseus the Greek hero, king of Ithaca, and his return journey after the Trojan War. His journey, which lasted ten more years, was completed after the war, which lasted ten. All his crewmates died.
What happens in the adventures of Odysseus?
Odysseus takes up the bow and fires an Arrow through all 12 axes. The bow is then turned on the suitors. Telemachus and he, along with a few loyal servants, kill all the suitors. Odysseus is revealed to the whole palace and reunites his beloved Penelope.
What is the summary of the Iliad and Odyssey?
The Iliad tells the story about the Greek struggle to save Helen, a Greek queen from her Trojan captors. The Odyssey begins with the fall of Troy and creates a new epic about the struggle of Odysseus, a Greek warrior.
What is the theme of Odyssey?
The importance of the Odyssey is that it is one of the oldest surviving texts. It provides insight into ancient Greece. Intertextual interpretations of the poem show how it influenced the genre of heroic literature as well as approaches to storytelling.

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