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Climate Change, Human Impacts, and the Resilience of Coral Reefs

Climate Change

Coral reef

Words: 1020 (5 pages)

The effects caused by natural influences on the climate of the earth over the years have been augmented by human activities to tremendously change the earth’s climate. Thus, the rapid rise in temperatures in the lower atmosphere and near-earth surface has contributed to greater impact on both the dry land and ocean (AGU, 2003). Such…

Man Made Global Warming Vs Natural Climate Change

Climate Change

Global Warming

Words: 1933 (8 pages)

Outline THESIS:         Climate change have been a natural phenomenon which has been occurring for over millions of years involving periods of high temperature as well as cold periods  and  hence global warming is also a part of natural climate change with humans contributing  very little towards it. I.                   History of our world clearly shows that…

Koyoto Protocol: Issue of Climate Change

Climate Change

Kyoto Protocol

Words: 3139 (13 pages)

The environment is a resource that is available for us to use. It is a commodity in which we need in order for us to live a comfortable life style however; there is a current change in the environment. The change that the world is currently facing now is climate change or more popularly known…

Group Assignment Draft

Climate Change



Words: 3210 (13 pages)

Global warming is the phenomenon that is hitherto and is the umber one cause of the drastic climate changes around the world. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (EPIC), the largest driver of global warming is the emission of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion, cement production and land use changes such as…

Green Critique of Ipe

Climate Change


Environmental science


Natural Environment


Words: 438 (2 pages)

IPE – Green Critique IPE is about states and markets as is examined through the various perspectives; Liberalism -laissez faire, free markets; Economic nationalism – states, power and security; and the Structuralist perspective – capitalism pushing states and markets into class warfare. But it is easy to oversimplify IPE, an important intellectual movement aims to…

Development of Solar Energy and Solar Projects

Climate Change

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

Words: 1809 (8 pages)

Solar Projects Increasing awareness in the harmful effects of non-renewable energy, like fossil fuels, have made scientists nowadays to be inclined to developing an alternative way in utilizing renewable energy resources. Renewable resources like solar, wind, water and nuclear energy can be the key to eliminating if not, minimizing the use of non-renewable energy resources…

Footprint Assignment

Climate Change



Words: 1826 (8 pages)

One footprint, one large impact The latest official world population estimates the current population, for mid-year 2009, at approximately 6,790,062,219 (Rosenberg, 2009). From now until the middle of the 21st century, in only fifty years, the world’s population will increase by 50% from 6 billion at the end of 1999 to close to 9 billion…

Global Climate Change Effects on the Chaparral

Climate Change

Words: 1131 (5 pages)

For many years, global climate change has been a widely discussed topic. Throughout the existence of Earth, natural cycles of heating and cooling have occurred. While scientists generally agree that these changes are not solely caused by humans, they do acknowledge that human activity has accelerated the natural process of climate change. As a result,…

Dramatic lifestyle changes needed to control climate change

Climate Change

Fossil fuel

Words: 249 (1 page)

There is a reluctance among many individuals to voluntarily make the necessary lifestyle changes to combat climate change. Consequently, some proponents advocate for government intervention in order to enforce these changes. What are your thoughts on this perspective? There is a debate regarding the effectiveness of government efforts in dealing with environmental issues. Some argue…

Human caused Climate Change

Climate Change

Words: 3716 (15 pages)

Abstract             In the current generation, various problems are seen due to the environmental changes. There are the extreme weather conditions and calamities in which hinders the development of individuals and most especially of nations. The environmental problems that are currently present are truly threatening to the lives of the people and create distress to…

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What is Climate Change

Climate can be defined as the average of all-weather events at a location over a long period of time. Climates has been shown to change naturally. Humans have also been able to modify environments, by clearing forests for agriculture, domesticating animals, manufacturing goods, damming rivers, and spreading waste throughout the air and seas and across the land. All of these different factors have played a part in why climate goes through its changes. Due to climate change, infectious diseases that are transmitted by insect vectors were able to spread around different parts of the world causing many injuries and long-term health issues.

Changes in temperature, rainfall and humidity levels allow vectors like mosquitoes to migrate, bringing infectious diseases along with them. Malaria is one of the deadliest vector borne diseases, killing thousands of people. The development of malaria parasite ceases when temperature exceeds 33°–39 °C. Second, rising temperature can influence the reproduction and extrinsic incubation period (EIP) of pathogens.

However, unusual precipitation after a long drought can result in an increase of pathogens, causing a disease outbreak. Humidity change also impacts the pathogens of infectious diseases. As temperature continues to rise, the insects in low-latitude regions may find new habitats in mid- or high-latitude regions and in areas of high altitude. Adult Anopheline, vector of malaria, reproduce in small natural ponds of clean water; droughts may limit the quantity and quality of breeding sites for these mosquitoes, resulting in reduction in vector population and disease transmission.

Climate change will continue to affect the health risk for human infectious diseases, limiting some disease transmission but creating opportunities for others. There is widespread concern about the potential impact of global climate change on the distribution and burden of these and other infectious threats in the developing world. Change of Climate is something that is inevitable, its something that will always occur. Humans have to be more responsible and their actions to adjust this issue. Public health actions, preparedness can protect people from the effects of climate change. Another example would be international travelers will take more precautions. Better preventions, detections and responses will be required by organizations and states as infectious diseases spread to new areas.

To portray the impact of climate change on a more worldwide scale, the World Health Organization (WHO) has discharged information with respect to the assessed consequences for wellbeing of civilians as of the year 2000. What is promptly evident from this information is that creating districts of the world have been excessively influenced by climate change with respect to created locales. This lopsidedness remains as an unmistakable difference to the awkwardness in ozone depleting substance outflows, which are for the most part owing to created nations, for example, the United States, and nations with quickly creating economies, for example, China and India.

Causes of Climate Change

Throughout time, seasons have begun to become more intense with colder winters and hotter summers. Many may agree that climate change is the cause of it at a more rapid pace and with negative effects, as climate change can be considered natural and has been happening since the beginning of time. So many things can be done to try and solve this issue but so little has been actually done. I believe that this issue should be attacked from a business standpoint. Little things like switching from plastic to recycled paper/plastic at the grocery store can make a huge impact that can ultimately lower the amount of factories making plastic or the amount of it being made as plastic pollution is one of the major issues that is very harmful to the environment.

As stated previously, Climate Change is nothing new in society as “ global and regional climates have been changing since Earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago”(Gilman 200) but the problem associated with climate change is what’s new. The issue is the rate that climate change is going at, with many different affects all over the world but why is this actually happening and it’s because of human activity. Levels of atmospheric concentration of CO2 has grown over a third since the mid 1700’s as well as the global average surface-air temperature advancing by 1.3 degrees Farenheit because of human activities (Gilman 200).

Plastic is made from fossil fuels like oil and natural gas and these are the things that are being emitted into the air during production causing problems like sudden wildfires in the west coast and and rising sea levels which leads to flooding. According to Nicholas Kristof in his article “ The Greatest Hoax Striked Florida” he says,” Flooding actually causes more hurricane deaths than wind, and climate change amplifies flooding…” So the biggest question is with all of this knowledge why aren’t people putting their foot down to try and stop this issue, especially business owners. Surprisingly enough, even with all these disasters that take place there are still parts of society that don’t believe that climate change is the problem today and is in fact real.

Leah Stokes says, “ For a long time, we assumed that climate policy was stalled because it was a problem for the future” and because of that not enough is being done to prevent this issue from escalating to a much greater complication. Many of those that don’t want to acknowledge the issue are the ones contributing to it the most. So as members of all communities all over the world, we can take a stand and start to boycott businesses that are using plastic or to even try to encourage these businesses to use recycled plastic as that alone limits greenhouse gases being emitted into the air.

Issues like these should be brought into schools and work environments to really advocate for what’s going on today in the world. Just because it doesn’t make it to your social media timeline, does not mean it’s not imperative.We as people shouldn’t be scared to speak up and social media is something that really can be used and should be used to our advantage to spread the word and educate people about what’s going on.

Information like, eight million metric tons of plastic pollution is being tossed into oceans annually (Tugend) is something that people should be aware of and should not be something you have to read in newspapers that people barely read anymore in order to know but should be brought up in daily conversations or seen on all of your favorite pages. We should also be aware of the fact that this isn’t only affecting us humans that can actually protect ourselves to a certain extent but also affecting defenseless animals in such a horrid way.

Climate Change and Natural Destruction

Planet earth faces many challenges that contribute to the environment. This affects everyone from all ages because climate change is affecting our home, planet earth. The climate change and natural destruction that occur on Earth cause not only humans and animals but natural resources to suffer in a very unique way. These affects include mental, physical and emotional state being. Change happens every day whether we see it or not and the question we should be asking is, how is climate change affecting our world? Better yet, how is climate change affecting you? It is very crucial to understand the magnitude of climate change. Climate change goes way beyond just your local news weather report. There are far more details and contributions that play a key role to the climate change we see every day.

Health improvements have evolved because of climate change. Researches have shown that many individuals are more mentally stable with climate change reaching their homes. People living in colder regions have now experienced more sunlight and warm temperatures, allowing them to have less social deprivation. Since climate change has many negative outcomes in our environment, new innovative ideas are put in action.

Strategies on how to improve and innovate the environment around us are discovered. If these drastic changes had not occurred, our fine creator of solar panels would have never thought of these life changing modifications. The lack of natural resources has inspired many artistic creation in visual, written and dramatized media. Because of climate change many people have a different perspective of the world around them and want to improve it by sharing their inner thoughts. There is a more personal and emotional effect that makes people want a better change in their environment. Once their artistic ideas are shared, others combine their suggestions and create powerful resources that help improve the world we live in. These ideas have a powerful impact for generations to come.

Impact of Climate Change

Humans have a significant environmental impact on the world that we live both positively and negatively. There is much research and discussion regarding climate change in our world today. Countries have worked together to implement and sign agreements to try and counter the impact of the human effect on climate change.

Media outlets focus stories on how humans and our consumption negatively impacts the environment, depleting the ozone layer, and causing the climate to change. It is interesting however to consider how the change in climate impacts the carrying capacity on our planet earth. The impact of climate change affects underdeveloped nations more harshly than developed ones, it can cause people to abandon their land and change their careers, and it decreases human security which could lead to violent conflict.

Climate change impacts the underdeveloped countries heavily. There are many environmental events that occur which certain countries are not able to overcome. There have been many stories in the news where countries were basically destroyed by strong hurricanes. While wealthy countries like the United States have the resources to rebuild, citizens of lesser developed countries may be forced to abandon their homes and migrate to another part of the country or another country altogether.

It is even more disturbing that the people who live in poorer countries are most likely not even contributing significantly to climate change, yet are forced out of their homes and communities. These countries are not capable of handling the climate change disasters which results in the migration to a safer environment. Additionally, women and children are especially affected negatively by climate change. When women depend on natural resources for their livelihoods and they are not available, it makes the living situations more difficult. Some main reasons why the people of underdeveloped countries are moving to developed countries is because they are in the search of new jobs, shelter, food and water.

As previously stated, climate change affects peoples’ living spaces. The ozone layer, which protects the earth from the sun, has depleted which has caused temperatures to rise. The rise in temperatures have sped up the melting of glaciers and ice caps causing the sea level to rise. Those who live near the coast in various parts of the world are forced to leave. One current example of migration due to climate change occured in the Pacific Islands. The rising sea level has already engulfed eight islands, and continues to flood the remaining ones. The warming of oceans and seas has also made coastal storms more damaging.

Fish migration patterns have changed leaving certain areas scarce with food and the rising sea level has eliminated once fertile lands that were once farmed. The migration to another country results in the loss of jobs for those who are migrating. Climate change forces families from their homes and can force many people into poverty. If a large number of people migrate, the destination of these people can be impacted as well. These destinations may not have enough food, shelter, or healthcare to support the influx of people.

The underlying result of the effects of climate change is a basic lack of human security. This insecurity can escalate to violent conflict which can also negatively impact the carrying capacity in certain parts of the world. When people are unable to provide for their most basic needs for survival and a government is unable to help, these individuals become desperate. It has been discovered that one common reason why people join armed groups is because they are seeking a better life and improved social status.

This is especially true of young men. Again, this is more likely to occur in underdeveloped nations where the government does not have the resources to help their people. The risk of violent conflict would likely increase within groups with large socio-economic disparity. While the effects of climate change are not the sole factor in this imbalance, it can have a significant impact. Areas of violent conflict can cause migration of the citizens who want to avoid the destruction and danger.

While some of the effects of climate change on our world are obvious, such as the change in weather patterns, the increased storm intensity, rising sea levels, these are physical effects that lower the resources of the impacted parts of the world for human survival. The wealth of a nation and that nation’s ability to provide for its citizens also play a role in carrying capacity. Additionally, desperation of people lacking the essentials to survive, may cause violent conflict. All of this results in the likelihood that people will migrate to find a better life. Their new communities may not be prepared to host the influx of people straining the resources available to those who most need them.


Finally, accepting the effects of climate change bears no harm. Understanding that climate change is a matter of concern and trying to fix it would encourage close cooperation between countries and international societies, encouraging the sharing of resources, knowledge and technological advances. This would result in better relations within countries, and financial resources could be shared to relieve countries and societies of poverty. Consequently, societies will get to enjoy better infrastructure and will be able to educate themselves on the impact of climate change and how to effectively counter it.

In conclusion, it is ironic how almost everybody contributes towards the greenhouse effect, but only some understand the true severity of its impact and change in climate it causes. Therefore, we often face the arguments and debates about whether it is something one should be concerned about or not. What is crucial for one’s knowledge is that even if everybody in the future agrees with the existence of the adversities of climate change, taking correct and required actions then may not be enough as a lot of the damage has already been done.

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What is climate change essay?
500+ Words Climate Change Essay. Climate change refers to the change in the environmental conditions of the earth. This happens due to many internal and external factors. The climatic change has become a global concern over the last few decades. Besides, these climatic changes affect life on the earth in various ways.
What is climate change introduction?
Climate change is the current rapid warming of the Earth's climate caused by human activity. If left unchecked (and current responses are doing little to halt it) it poses an unprecedented threat to human civilisation and the ecosystems on this planet.
How do you start a climate change essay?
How to start a climate change essay. A climate change essay should always start with a hook sentence that will interest the reader. Then, students should add a few sentences of the climate change background. The final step in this phase is the need to write a great thesis statement.

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