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Religion Essay Topics & Ideas

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Religion is a set of beliefs and practices that relate to the sacred, spiritual, or divine.

Religion often involves a god or gods, as well as rites, rituals, and spiritual experiences.

Religions are often organized around divine beings or spirits that are believed to be the creators of the universe. Some religions may focus on other supernatural beings as well.

Religions also often involve faith in a God or gods, who may be seen as powerful entities that control the universe. The word religion comes from the Latin word religio, which means “to tie back” or “to bind fast.” This refers to the idea that religion connects people to each other and to their ancestors in an enduring way.

How to Choose Essay Topic on Religion?

Essays on religion are loved by many students. Not only can you use your knowledge about religion for your own benefit, but you can also impress people with the knowledge and skills you have. However, the topic of religion is so broad that it is difficult to choose a good topic for an essay on religion. To choose a topic you need to understand what kind of topics are available and how they differ from each other.

There are different types of topics related to religion:

  1. Personal experience – writing about your personal experience with religion helps you remember important events in your life and express them in words;
  2. Religious history – this type of essay focuses on historical events related to religion;
  3. Religious practices – this type of essay can be written about any religious practice;
  4. Beliefs – this type of essay discusses different beliefs held by different people around the world;

Tips on How to Write Religion Essay

Writing a religion essay can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five tips to keep in mind when you’re writing your next religion essay:

  1. Choose a topic that interests you. If you don’t care about the topic, how can you expect your readers to?
  2. Make sure your thesis is clear and concise. A good thesis should give the reader a sense of what they’re going to get from reading your essay—without giving away too much!
  3. Use evidence from the text or other sources when making claims about what the text means. Don’t make things up! If you don’t know what something means, ask someone who does (a professor or TA).
  4. Be specific in your examples and arguments; try not to generalize too much or use vague language like “some people say” or “I think.”
  5. Be sure to cite all sources correctly so that readers can find them easily if they want more information on the topic at hand!

✒️ Argumentative Religion Research Paper Topics


In Buddhism, Nirvana isn’t a place reached through death but is instead a state achieved through enlightenment, which can sometimes take multiple reincarnations.

  1. According To Faber How Has Religion Changed
  2. Advertising Religion
  3. African Traditional Religion
  4. Ancient Greek Culture, Religion, And Customs
  5. Ancient Religions: A Comparison
  6. Ancient Roman Religion
  7. Anthropology And Religion
  8. The Main Features of Spartan Religion
  9. Ap Human Geography Religion Notes
  10. Armenian Religion
  11. Asian American Religion And Politics
  12. Atheism Vs. Christian Religion
  13. Aztec Religion: The Foundation Of A Civilization
  14. Ben Franklins Religion
  15. Beowulf (A Story Based On Religion)
  16. Bless Me Ultima: Concerning Religions
  17. Brave New World: Religion
  18. Buddhism And Confucianism Are Religions Without A God
  19. Buddhism Is Probably The Most Tolerant Religion In
  20. Characteristics Of Religion
  21. Comparative Religion
  22. Conflict Between Religions
  23. Confucianism: Religion Or Philosophy?

✍ Informative Essay Topics About Religion

  1. Contemporary Issues In Western Religions
  2. Continuity And Change In Mesoamerican Religion
  3. Decline Of Religion In 20Th Century Neitzsche
  4. Deep Ecology And Religion
  5. Depeche Mode And Religion
  6. Development Of Feminism And Its Impact On Religion
  7. Dubliners An Analysis Of Religion As A Captor
  8. Eastern Religion Comparison
  9. Egyption Religion
  10. Emerson: Nature Vs. Religion
  11. Evaluate Marxist And Functionalist Views Of Religion
  12. Evolution Vs Religion
  13. Family, Religion, And Gender Perception
  14. Freud And Religion
  15. High Renaissance Art And The Impact Of Religion
  16. Impact Of Internet On The Culture And Religion Of China
  17. Impact Of Religion On Youth
  18. Importance Of Religion
  19. In Order To Elaborate On The Subject Of Religion W
  20. Indian Religion
  21. Indigenous Religion
  22. Intimate Alliance Between Religion And Good Education
  23. Is Islam A Monolithic Religion?
  24. Is Religion A Positive Influence In Our World
  25. Is Religion And Science Mutually Exclusive
  26. Is There One True Religion
  27. Islam More Than A Religion
  28. Judaism Is The Jewish Religion
  29. Karl Marx Theory Of Religion
  30. Marriage In Religion
  31. Mary Crow Dog, And Religion
  32. Meursault: Man Or Monster? Religion In “The Stranger”
  33. Monotheistic Religions
  34. Native American Religion
  35. New England Vs. Chesapeake: Religion And People

🔍 Religion Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Peyote Religion In Sundown By John Joseph Mathew
  2. Pop Culture Warsreligion ; The Role Of Enterta
  3. Rastafarian Religion And Use Of Marijuana
  4. Reflection On Philosophy Of Religion
  5. Religion ; Sexism In “Sweat”
  6. Religion And Colonization
  7. Religion And Kalam Cosmological Argument
  8. Religion And Morality
  9. Religion And Politics In America
  10. Religion And Social Development In Canada
  11. Religion And The Changes Through The Years
  12. Religion In American
  13. Religion In North American Town Plans
  14. Religion In Public Life
  15. Religion Or Science
  16. Religion Reflection
  17. Religion Should Not Influence Government
  18. Religion The State And Sovereignty
  19. Religion, Death And Burial In Spartan Society
  20. Religion, Education, And Stratification In Forrest Gump
  21. Religion, Materialism And Global Consumerist Culture
  22. Religion: Durkheim Vs. Weber
  23. Religion’S Impact On Philosophy And Culture
  24. Religions Effect In The Modern World Is Harmful
  25. Religions Spread Through Conquest
  26. Religious: Sociology And Religion
  27. Richard Wright’S Views On Religion
  28. Roots Of Major Western Religions

👨‍🎓 Religion Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Science And Religion In The Island Of Dr. Moreau
  2. Science Vs Religion Can They Coexist?
  3. Scientology The Cult That Has Been Called A Religion
  4. Shinto Religion
  5. Shoeless Joe Baseball Is Rays Religion
  6. Should Religion And Politic Be Kept Separated?
  7. Spartan Religion
  8. The Ancient Practices Of Early Pagan Religions
  9. The Conflict Between Science And Religion
  10. The Druze Religion
  11. The Influence And Role Of Religion In Hopi Society
  12. The Influence Of Religion In British Literature
  13. The Mayan Religion
  14. The Middle East, Jerusalem And Religion
  15. The Nature Of Religion
  16. The Role Of Religion In Uncle Tom’S Cabin
  17. The Role Of Science In Religion
  18. Three Great Religion
  19. Two Dimensions Of Religion
  20. Weberdurkheimmarx And How They Account For Religion
  21. What Is Philosophy Of Religion
  22. What Is Religion
  23. World Religion And Man1
  24. World Religions
  25. Xenophanes Critique Of Greek Religion
  26. Zulu Religion

Popular Questions

What are some interesting topics for religion research paper?
The Most Interesting ✒️ Religion Research Paper Topics to SelectBlack churches. Christianity and economics. Creation theories. Intelligent design. Religion and homosexuality. The emergence of the new religion and their subsequent effects. World science and religion. Christianity history. Islamic history. World religions with no God.
How do I write a religion research paper?
Your text should be divided into such parts as: Introduction with a thesis statement, a hook phrase, and some background info. The introductory part should contain a thesis that reflects the key idea of your religious paper. Body, which consists of literature review, methodology, and discussion. Conclusion with a restated thesis, a call for action, and supporting sentences.
What are some interesting topics for research paper?
It works on the principle of introducing the topic of the paper and setting it in a broader context, gradually narrowing the topic down to a research problem, thesis and hypothesis. A good introduction explains how you mean to solve the research problem, and creates ‘leads’ to make the reader want to delve further into your work.
What makes a good introduction in a research paper?
Good research paper topics for high school students should explore social and community issues, such as the importance of recycling, preserving energy or government policies and procedures. Some topics may include the duties of the judicial system, the death penalty, gun control and abortion laws.
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✨ Best religion Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Religion and Science: Unscientific Theory
    1.The most obvious unscientific theory that I can think of today, would be religion. Religion is possibly one of the biggest influences in our lives, and there is no scientific way to even prove that it exists. I asked a few friends of mine, who are ….
  2. My Subjected View on Religion
    I am a citizen of a self-proclaimed religious and socially free society. A society where 85% of its community rely on the differentiation of cultures and beliefs that tourism, the number one industry, brings to their homes. This very same society, ….
  3. Religion in Ancient Egypt
    Ancient Egypt is known for its incredible relics and massive, intricate monuments. The context of the vast majority of these artifacts are religious in nature or tied to it in some way. In ancient Egypt, their religion was not merely a life-style ….
  4. The Victorian Era and Religion
    Throughout history, religion has played a majour role. It was through religion that people determined their place in society, gender roles, home and work ethics, and much more. It is not suprising that religion played an important role during the ….
  5. Religion and Its Impact on Society and People
    Religion is a practice which has been part and parcel of mankind since time memorial. It is an extremely influential factor in the living standards of most people. However, with time, the influence religion has on people is drastically declining. “….
  6. Buddhism: the Biggest Religion in India
    Buddhism is one of the biggest religion founded in India in the 6th and 5th cent. B.C. by Siddhartha Gautama, called the Buddha. One of the great Asian religions, it teaches the practice of and the observance of moral precepts. The basic doctrines ….
  7. Contemporary Theologies of Religion
    Contemporary theology is mainly a study by academic researchers. The subject also discusses religious philosophical problems and draws Christians as well as non-Christians to seek information on topics. The intentions of some individuals are ….
  8. The Buddhist Religion Originated From a Man Named Siddhartha Gautama
    The Buddhist religion originated from a man named Siddhartha Gautama who founded the religion in the late 6th century B.C. The Buddhist religion is very different from Western religions which believe in an actual religious figure. The religious ….
  9. Current Generational Differences in Attitudes Toward the Role of Religion in America
    In the United States. its citizens are categorized by their day of the month of birth into four normally known coevalss. The persons born anytime before 1946 are considered Pre-Boomers. persons born between 1946 and 1964 are known as Boomers. ….
  10. World Religions and Materialist Perspective of Religion
    Please complete the following questions. It is important that you use full sentences and present the questions and answers when you submit your work. Submit the work as a file attachment. This meaner you complete all work in a word processing ….
  11. Moses as a Significant Figure in Religion
    Throughout history there have been many individuals who could be considered leaders, but some stand out among the others. An example of a superb leader is Moses in the Bible. Moses is viewed as a righteous man in God’’s eyes and is chosen to lead ….
  12. Mongols’ Diverse Mix of Tradition and Religion
    The Mongols were once the leaders of a fierce empire that conquered much short time. Opinions towards the Mongols varied greatly though, ranging fro m large amounts of respect to hatred and fear. Document 1 is a quote derived from a Mongol written ….
  13. Voodoo: Religion from Western Africa
    Today over 60 million people practice Vodun worldwide. Religious similar to Vodun can be found in South America where they are called Umbanda, Quimbanda or Candomble. It is widely practiced in Benin, where it is the official religion. Vodun (a.k.a. ….
  14. Religion & Sexism in “Sweat”
    When you think about women in the south in the 1920’s what comes to your mind first? Is it the hard work they did? Is it the fact that they were good family oriented women? Was it the way that they were self-sacrificing and took care of their ….
  15. Differences on Religion and Why Religion is Important Religion
    Has a wide variety of meanings to a multitude of people. The definition of Religion is “a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, ….
  16. Concepts of Heaven and Hell in Religion
    The idea of heaven entices and encourages believers and non-believers alike. It is enjoyable to envision a place of eternal rest and relaxation, in the presence of God and loved ones. Heaven does exist according to the Bible, and is the destination ….
  17. Features Of Mayan Сivilization Religion
    The Mayans are well-known for their luxuriant spiritual rites and blood is really critical in any sacred events. Religion has a cardinal portion in Mayan being and these people are convinced that blood forfeit can pacify their Gods. sometimes ….
  18. African People, their Religion
    The actions and reactions of most of the indigenous people of Africa to the European Scramble for Africa were to not be colonized and were mainly expressed through conflict, religion, or social/political behavior. The African people behaved in a way ….
  19. religion contract
    Silent night holy night all is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace.
    Silent night holy night shepherds quake at the sight glorious stream from heaven ….
  20. Study of the Muslim Religion
    I chose to research the Muslim religion for my site visit. If you do not know what to expect when visiting a mosque, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience for any non-Muslim. I attended Catholic private schools my whole life and was raised as ….

✍ Christianity Essay Topics

While Wicca might seem like an ancient religion – and has roots in European fertility cults – it actually wasn’t introduced until the 1950s.

  1. “A Flowering Of Faith: Christianity And Buddhism”
  2. Alexander Pope And Christianity
  3. Animism, Christianity, and Islam
  4. Cause And Effect – Christianity Causes Divorce
  5. Changes And Continuities Of Christianity
  6. Christianity & Confucianism
  7. Christianity And Environmental Ethics
  8. Christianity And Islam: One In Ethical Standards
  9. Christianity And Jesus
  10. Christianity And Paganism In Beowulf Research
  11. Christianity Baptism
  12. Christianity In Ancient Rome
  13. Christianity Reflection
  14. Christianity’S Rise In Medieval Europe
  15. Comparative Of Islam & Christianity
  16. Comparative Study On Taoism And Christianity
  17. Compare And Contrast Buddhism And Christianity
  18. Compare Christianity’S Baptism With Judaism’S Brit
  19. Comparing Christianity And Islam
  20. Converting The Native Americans To Christianity
  21. Dbq Christianity And Islam
  22. Dbq Christianity Islam
  23. Did Christianity Cause The Fall Of Rome?
  24. Diffusion Of Buddhism And Christianity
  25. Diffusion Of Buddhism And Christianity: Similarities
  26. Ecclesiology: Christianity And Beloved Catholic Church
  27. Ethics In Religion: Judaism, Islam, Christianity
  28. Evolution Vs Christianity
  29. Hinduism And Christianity
  30. Is Christianity True

🧐 Informative Christianity Essay Topics

  1. Is Mormonism A Branch Of Christianity?
  2. Islam And Christianity
  3. Marxist Socialism And Christianity
  4. Naturalism Versus Christianity
  5. On The Intrinsic Flaws Inherent In Christianity
  6. Pacifism And Christianity
  7. Rise Of Christianity By Rodney Stark
  8. Rise Of Christianity In The Roman Empire
  9. Romans Influence On Early Christianity
  10. The Attitudes Of Christianity And Islam Towards Trade
  11. The Effects Of Christianity On Western Civilization
  12. The Impact Of Christianity
  13. The Rise Of Christianity In The Roman Empire
  14. The Rise Of Monasticism Within Christianity
  15. The Similarities Between Buddhism And Christianity
  16. Wicca And Christianity
  17. William P. Young’S The Shack: At Odds With Christianity

Popular Questions

What is the best topic to write a thesis on Christianity?
How Christianity started and developed into a well-known religion. – This topic is undeniably the best option for someone who wants to immerse themselves in a world of theology. Denominationalism in Christianity.
What are the main teachings of Christianity?
Christianity has specific teachings within its religion that all christians practice. Christians believe in the Trinity which is the Father, Son, and the Holy spirit. God is the father, son is Jesus, and the holy spirit is a spirit. Another teaching of Christianity is that christian life is marked by baptism.
What is the history of Christianity?
This lesson provides essay topics focused on helping students connect with and understand Christianity and its historical significance. Christianity is a worldwide religion that has existed for thousands of years. As a belief system, which by nature is abstract, Christianity and its history may be difficult for some students to comprehend.
What are the elements of Christian practice?
Typical elements of Christian practice involve a Sunday worship service, prayer, studying of the Bible. Communion and baptism also take place. If you like this paper, but this task is challenging and you think, “if there is someone who can do my essay ”, we are here to help.
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✍️ Theology Research Paper Topics

Christianity is currently the world’s largest religion. Islam the second and Hinduism the third.

  1. Adequately And Lethally Cropped: A Review Of Christopher A. Hall’S “Learning Theology With The Church Fathers”
  2. Catholic Theology And Scripture
  3. Church Worship Religious And Theology
  4. Greek Philosophy In Christian Theology
  5. Johann Baptist Metz’ “Negative” Approach To Theology
  6. Liberation Theology As A Double Polarity
  7. Moral Theology – Premarital Sex
  8. Preforming Our Theological Task
  9. The Bible And Theology Sample
  10. The Theology Of Suffering
  11. Theological Questions
  12. Theology Final Paper: The Crucifixion Of Jesus In Islam And Christianity
  13. Theology Of Genesis
  14. Theology Of Love Or Hate
  15. Theology Of Missions
  16. Theology Of Worship
  17. What The Bible And Theologians Say About Hell

Popular Questions

What is a research paper sample?
The sample methodology in a research paper provides the information to show that the research is valid. It must tell what was done to answer the research question and how the research was done.
What is research paper in psychology?
Psychology research paper, similarly to this kind of writing in other sciences, has the purpose to inform the reader about experiments, theories, ideas, and arguments. It is your goal to make complex ideas understandable and to demonstrate your psychology knowledge.
What is personal theology?
Personal Theology. Participants listen to and engage with theological and spiritual leaders, as well as present their own topics and spiritual journeys. Seminars pursue the UU values of drawing inspiration from diverse traditions and deepening the spiritual life. This program is supported by contributions from the audience.

👀 Essay Examples on This Topic

  1. Ancient Religions: A Comparison
  2. Buddhism and Confucianism Are Religions Without a God
  3. Essay on Buddhism Religion
  4. Religion and its impact
  5. Religion Essay Topics
  6. Religions Spread Through Conquest
  7. The Influence of Religion in British Literature
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Popularity: Below is each religion's total estimated population for 2020: Christianity - 2.38 billion. Islam - 1.91 billion. Hinduism - 1.16 billion.
Functionalist perspective: Functionalists argue that religion is a conservative force and that this is a positive function for society and for individuals. Religion helps to create social order and maintains the value consensus.
Order: A religious order is a lineage of communities and organizations of people who live in some way set apart from society in accordance with their specific religious devotion, usually characterized by the principles of its founder's religious practice. It is usually composed of laypeople and, in some orders, clergy.

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