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Top 60 The Great Gatsby Essay Topics & Ideas

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald – a writer who informed the world about the beginning of a new century – “the age of jazz”, author of the novels “The Great Gatsby”, “Gentle Night”, “The Last Tycoon” – is one of the most prominent prose writers of the twentieth century.

In the novel The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald explores the phenomenon of the “American dream.” In the image of the main character Jay Gatsby, the writer managed to achieve a wonderful harmony in the image of the attractiveness of the dream and its inevitable collapse.

1922, Nick Carraway, a positive young man who works on Wall Street but dreams of becoming a writer, rents a house on Long Island, in a fashionable suburb of New York. On the other side of the bay lives his cousin Daisy, who married Tom Buchanan, a self-confident bastard from “old money”. And behind the nearest fence rises the mansion of Jay Gatsby, built under a medieval castle, a mysterious rich man who parties every day, but prefers to stand alone on the pier.

Argumentative Great Gatsby Topics

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby was not F.Scott Fitzgerald’s first choice for a title.

  1. “The Great Gatsby” – Themes And Moral Lessons Sample
  2. “The Great Gatsby”- Tom Buchanan & Myrtle Wilson
  3. “The Past Haunts The Present” The Great Gatsby & Going To Meet The Man
  4. Conflicts In The Great Gatsby
  5. Great Gatsby And Money Value
  6. “The Great Gatsby – Nick Carraway is the most important character in the
  7. Great Gatsby as A Tragic Hero
  8. Are The Women In “The Great Gatsby” Presented As Immoral?
  9. The American Dream As Portrayed In “Great Gatsby”
  10. The Corruption Of The American Dream: The Great Gatsby
  11. Nature Of Man in The Great Gatsby
  12. Nick Carraway And Jay Gatsby In The Great Gatsby
  13. Portrayal Of Reality In Great Gatsby
  14. Outward Appearances in the Great Gatsby
  15. Purpose Of Tom Buchanan In The Great Gatsby
  16. Social Commentary – “The Great Gatsby”
  17. Speech About The Great Gatsby
  18. The Essence Of Success (Great Gatsby)

Great Gatsby Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Symbols in The Great Gatsby Example at GraduateWay

  1. Comparing The American Dream Of The Great Gatsby And Tender Is The Night
  2. Comparison Of Characters In “Death Of A Salesman,” “The Great Gatsby,” And “A Streetcar Named Desire”
  3. Comparison Of Great Gatsby And Sonnets From The Portuguese
  4. Great Expectations, Life Of Pi And The Great Gatsby
  5. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald Idealized Women
  6. Great Gatsby And Catcher In The Rye
  7. Dominance Of Money And Consumer Culture In The Great Gatsby
  8. “The Great Gatsby” And “Death Of A Salesman”
  9. “The Great Gatsby” And The American Dream
  10. Failures Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby And The Grapes Of Wrath
  11. Great Gatsby Movie Vs. Book
  12. Parallels Between “The Hollow Men” And The Great Gatsby
  13. The Debauchery Of Decadence: A Comparison Of Arrowsmith And The Great Gatsby

Analytical Great Gatsby Essay Topics

The Great Gatsby

The famous cover of the Great Gatsby was designed by Francis Cugat.

  1. Betrayal In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”
  2. Biographical Analysis Of The Great Gatsby
  3. Feminist Criticism Of The Great Gatsby
  4. Dust and Dreams and the Great Gatsby
  5. Great Gatsby-Failure Of The American Dream
  6. How Far Does The Great Gatsby Demonstrate View Of The American Dream?
  7. Immoral Nature Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby
  8. According To The Great Gatsby, What Traits Constitute The Zeitgeist (Spirit Of The Time) Of The 1920’S?
  9. Foreshadowing In The Great Gatsby
  10. Female Power In The Great Gatsby
  11. What makes The Great Gatsby great?
  12. How does Fitzgerald use weather in the novel?
  13. Why do Daisy and Tom stay together?

“The Great Gatsby” Literary Analysis Essay Topics

F.Scott Fitzgeralds Great Gatsby

F.Scott Fitzgerald was told that readers wouldn’t understand the reference to trimalchio.

  1. Can We Sympathise With Women In ‘The Great Gatsby’
  2. Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby
  3. Color Used In The Great Gatsby
  4. Great Gatsby And Jazz Times
  5. A Reading Report of the Great Gatsby
  6. Great Gatsby And Morality
  7. Literary Devices In “The Great Gatsby”
  8. Love In The Great Gatsby
  9. Love Quotes From The Great Gatsby
  10. Love, Lust And Obsession In The Great Gatsby
  11. Moral Corruption In The Great Gatsby
  12. Moral Declination Of The American Dream As Portrayed In The Great Gatsby
  13. Motif Affairs: The Great Gatsby
  14. Movement And Change In The Great Gatsby
  15. Narrative Structure In The Great Gatsby
  16. Love and Relationships in The Great Gatsby
  17. Key Passage Analysis Great Gatsby
  18. Literary Analysis Of Great Gatsby
  19. Symbolism In “The Great Gatsby”

Essay Examples on This Topic

  1. Annotated Bibliography – the Great Gatsby
  2. Essay on the great gatsby
  3. Great Gatsby Essay
  4. Interpretation Of The Great Gatsby
  5. Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby
  6. Short Essay – The Great Gatsby
  7. Symbols in The Great Gatsby
  8. The Great Gatsby Overview Essay
  9. The Great Gatsby Short Essay

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the main message of The Great Gatsby?
The American Dream is not possible, as The Great Gatsby demonstrates. Jay Gatsby was a socialite who had achieved great wealth. However, his dream was to be with Daisy, his true love.
Is The Great Gatsby a true story?
The story is set in West Egg, Long Island's fictional town in the 1920s. Fitzgerald was indeed inspired to write the novel by the lavish parties he attended on Long Island. This gave him a front-row view of the wealthy, elite class of the 1920s. It was a culture that he long to be a part of but never got to.
How did Gatsby kill himself?
Wilson eventually makes it to Gatsby’s house. There, he discovers Gatsby floating on an air mattress in a pool and looking up at his sky. Wilson shoots Gatsby and kills him immediately. Then he shoots himself.
Why is The Great Gatsby a banned book?
The books are controversial due to sexual references and descriptions of rape and/or incest. Jeff Taylor, a Wasilla-based business owner, said that the ban was "very serious" and that he voted for it.

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