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Attachment Theory .

Attachment theory

Child Development

Developmental Psychology


Human development

Interpersonal Relationships

Words: 2073 (9 pages)

Discuss the contribution of Attachment Theory to the Social and Emotional development of young children. Introduction Child development is the changes which occur from birth untill puberty, in a biological, emotion and psychological sense. The events throughout this period plays a vital role in the behaviour and emotion of the child, therefore it is essential…

Four-Drive Theory Application in the Workplace

Attachment theory



Job Satisfaction



Organizational Behavior

Words: 2171 (9 pages)

ABSTRACT One of the hardest jobs as a manager is getting people to do their best work, even in trying circumstances and deciphering what motivates us as human beings. A study in neuroscience, biology and psychology has led more researchers to learn about the human brain and what emotional needs people are driven by. In…

bowlbys deprivation hypothesis

Attachment theory



Human development

Interpersonal Relationships


Words: 1500 (6 pages)

Evaluate Bowlby’s Deprivation Hypothesis In his hypothesis, Bowlby believed that an infant’s failure to attach to a primary caregiver would have long term effects. This essay will attempt to evaluate Bowlby’s deprivation hypothesis. Firstly, the terms ‘attachment’ and ‘deprivation’ will be defined. Following that, a full definition of the hypothesis will be made, and then…

Issues of Minority Criminals

Attachment theory



Juvenile delinquency


Words: 3331 (14 pages)

            In the increasing debate of minority criminals and their proneness towards recidivism, there exists the issue of rehabilitation.  In point of fact the entire issue of minority delinquency hinges upon the ability of the offender to re-enter society not as a criminal but as a redemptive individual ready to become a working part of…

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