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Executive Function

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive neuroscience


Educational psychology



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Executive function is a very important aspect of development. It is our brain’s functions that we, as people, use to manage our emotions, attention, and our behavior in the pursuit of our goals. A child’s executive functions start to develop in their very early years but it doesn’t fully mature until early adulthood. Some scientists,…

Neural Prosthetics to Treat Paralysis (Movement Restoration)



Cognitive neuroscience

Nervous System



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INTRODUCTION:   How indispensable it is for us to use our hands and feet, in fact our whole body to perform various functions. The minimalists of tasks involve hand and body motions. The possibility of not accomplishing something just because we are impaired of that movement is a tragic blow to one’s mind.   In yesteryears…

Outline and Evaluate The Cognitive Approach

Cognitive neuroscience





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Outline & evaluate the cognitive interview. (12 marks) The cognitive interview was devised by psychologists in order to eliminate the effects of misleading questions and misleading information. The process consists of first reporting everything the witness can remember, even information they believe to be unimportant. Then the witness is asked to mentally instate their experience,…

The Autumn of the Multitaskers

Cognitive neuroscience







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The Autumn of the Multitaskers According to Walter Kirn, the writer of the article, multitasking is dumbing the people down and driving them crazy. It has cost their lives and made a lot of changes in how they lived it. The start of all this madness was the influence of technology in the society. Its…

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