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William Shakespeare’s Love Poetry

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Words: 863 (4 pages)

In Shakespeare’s era, poetry was his talent, a genius many would say, but his love poems were his true masterpiece. Shakespeare’s love poetry tended for more a male audience then female, due to the fact that love poetry was created and read mostly by other male poets, thus men would write love poetry about their…

What I Am Thankful For



Words: 674 (3 pages)

One thing I am thankful for in life is my house or shelter. My house might not be the biggest or the cleanest house, but it is still my favorite place to live. It is a great place to live. A shelter is something that everyone needs in his or her life.Where they could have…

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

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Words: 1013 (5 pages)

Did you know that about 610,000 people die from a heart disease every single year. Heart disease, although it can occur to anyone, it is most commonly found in newborns and the elderly. HLHS is a very serious condition where its considered a congenital heart defect. A congenital heart defect is an abnormality/disease that is…

Young Liars And Lie-Detection Technology That Reveal Hidden Emotions


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Words: 974 (4 pages)

“Did you ever lie as a child?” Asked by Kang Lee. With 20 years of study experience with how children learn to tell lies, Kang Lee came to TED and shared some of the discoveries his team has made. Mr. Lee pointed out that people hold three common believes: Children won’t lie before the first…

Do Away with Life Obstacle

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Words: 1442 (6 pages)

In everyday life, people might have different concern such as paying bills, finding a new job, going to the first day of school, breaking up with girlfriend, or other important life events? We are facing various hurdles in our life, which might make us feel anxious. Anxiety shows up over and over the course of…

Deutsche Brauerei

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Words: 2124 (9 pages)

1) What accounts for Deutsche Brauerei’s rapid growth in recent years? Specifically, what policy choices account for this success? There are several factors that lead to rapid growth of Deutsche Brauerei. To begin with, Deutsche Brauerei itself has succeed in Germany by winning quality awards consistently over the years. Secondly, After a fire destroyed the…

Religion Essay Topics

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Words: 963 (4 pages)

Religion Research Paper Topics According To Faber How Has Religion Changed Advertising Religion African Traditional Religion Ancient Greek Culture, Religion, And Customs Ancient Religions: A Comparison Ancient Roman Religion Anthropology And Religion Anthropology Of Religion Ap Human Geography Religion Notes Armenian Religion Asian American Religion And Politics Atheism Vs. Christian Religion Atheism Vs. Religion Aztec…

Description of Dante’s Inferno


Words: 886 (4 pages)

Dante’s use of allegory in the Inferno greatly varies from Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” in purpose, symbolism, characters and mentors, and in attitude toward the world. An analysis of each of these elements in both allegories will provide an interesting comparison. Dante uses allegory to relate the sinner’s punishment to his sin, while Plato…

The Gokstad A Sturdy Viking Ship

Bottled water

Properties of water

Words: 931 (4 pages)

The Gokstad was a sturdy Viking ship. It was made to glide through the water. Layers of wood on the side of the ship helped make it water tight. The rudder was technologically evolved. Oar holes were specially designed for the person inside the boat. Storage on the deck was easy because of loose planking….

John Ashbery’s Paradoxes and Oxymorons Paradoxes O



Words: 768 (4 pages)

xymorons EssaysJohn Ashbery’s Paradoxes and Oxymorons This poem is concerned with language on a very plain level. Look at it talking to you. You look out a window Or pretend to fidget. You have it but you don’t have it. You miss it, it misses you. You miss each other. This poem is sad because…

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