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Touch by Lakambini Sitoy Analysis


Words: 451 (2 pages)

Moral-philosophical Analysis on Alkaline Story Touch But she knew it was too late; it no longer mattered; she and her father?they were beyond all help. There was only her life, and a sense of regret, for never having known him… Relationships are built through shared experiences with loved ones. They are often tested by separation…

The Sunflower by Simon Wiesental




Words: 677 (3 pages)

Simon Wiesental’s The Sunflower represents a very complex problem in our world especially in keeping up a good relationship with others. It provides lots of dilemma, irony, and hesitation which relevant to our matters nowadays. Simon, who is a former prison in German’s concentration camp, meets about a dying Nazi soldier, whose job was slaughtering…

Forgiveness Therapy (FT)


Words: 506 (3 pages)

Spousal Emotional Abuse (SEA) is a critical issue facing women in North America (Reed & Enright, 2006, p. 920). Approximately 35% of women have experienced various forms of SEA with long-lasting negative psychological outcomes (Reed & Enright, 2006, p. 920). Forgiveness Therapy (FT) is a new therapeutic modality which can potentially treat women who experience…

Gender Based Study on Forgiveness Amongst College Students Across Religions


Words: 544 (3 pages)

Several researchers have conducted research studies in the field of forgiveness and religion. Following is a review of some of the few prominent research studies and their findings: Conducted a meta-analysis with 53 articles, reporting 70 studies that addressed gender and forgiveness. Methodological moderators such as: a]type of sample, b]target of forgiveness, c]trait, state or familiarity/marital…

Unfair Forgiveness Essay


Words: 925 (4 pages)

People tend to say the quote “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. The quote basically implies that when someone gets something from you, they have to pay it back with something of equal value in return, whether they like it or not. Constitutionally, the said quote applies. When a person commits…

Life Change Begins With Forgiveness 


Words: 1224 (5 pages)

Through the novel Les Miserables, Victor Hugo depicts the rigor and cruelty of the French society in the 19th century. Although human beings all have the inclination toward sinning and making mistakes, the harsh and inhumane laws enforced by a corrupt government system made people miserable, forming many prejudices. Jean Valjean, the protagonist of this…

Forgive and Forget Sample


Words: 600 (3 pages)

Many of us can believe of person who has hurt us severely. How hard it can be for us to forgive that individual. Even if we avoid seeking retaliation. we may keep on to a score. Our society doesn’t encourage forgiveness. On the reverse. when we are hurt we are told: “Don’t acquire angry ;…

Finding Forgiveness in “Blackberries”


Words: 470 (2 pages)

The central theme of the poem “Blackberries” by Yusef Komunyakaa is a young man’s day spent devouring handfuls of blackberries. Komunyakaa vividly describes the stains left by the juicy berries, as well as the memories they evoke. The narrator’s fingers are not only stained by the berries’ juices, but also by the blood from picking…

Begging For Forgiveness


Words: 848 (4 pages)

It was a particular time of the year, when foreigners or as some call them “khawajats” visit our country, Sudan. Hours went by, and nobody opened their car windows to hand me money. Despite that, I couldn’t help but notice how complex and sophisticated the cars were. The shiny gloss that appears every time the…

How to Ask Forgiveness from Your Boss and Co-Worker 


Words: 883 (4 pages)

Everyone commits mistakes, however, not everyone is willing to admit they did something wrong and apologize. Forgiveness in business is essential in keeping a harmonious working relationship among the organization members. But, to be able to receive compassion and forgiveness in the workplace, one must be willing to acknowledge his or her mistake and offer…

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What are the key elements of a Forgiveness essay

There are several key elements that should be included in a Forgiveness essay. These elements include an explanation of what forgiveness is, why it is important, and how it can be achieved. Additionally, it is also beneficial to include a personal story or experience related to forgiveness in order to illustrate its importance.

How to start essay on Forgiveness

There is no one answer to this question. It depends on the focus of the essay and the writer’s personal style. However, it is generally advisable to begin with a brief explanation of what forgiveness is and why it is important. This can be followed by a discussion of a specific case or example of forgiveness, which can illustrate the power of this act. The essay can conclude with a reflection on the writer’s own experience with forgiveness, or on the importance of forgiveness in general.

General Essay Structure for this Topic

  1. Introduction: What Is Forgiveness?
  2. The Importance Of Forgiveness
  3. The Power Of Forgiveness
  4. The Process Of Forgiving
  5. Forgiving Yourself
  6. Forgiving Others
  7. The Benefits Of Forgiveness
  8. The Challenges Of Forgiveness
  9. Overcoming The Challenges Of Forgiveness
  10. Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions about Forgiveness

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Why forgiveness is important in our life?
Forgiveness can even lead to feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you. Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting or excusing the harm done to you or making up with the person who caused the harm. Forgiveness brings a kind of peace that helps you go on with life.
What is forgiveness essay?
Forgiveness is the act of overcoming the feeling of resentment or revenge for the person who has done wrong actions. Forgiveness is a virtue but the way people perceive it is quite relative. Some people think that certain actions are forgivable while others are not.
What is the importance of forgiving and forgetting in life?
If you can bring yourself to forgive and forget, you are likely to enjoy lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, and a drop in the stress hormones circulating in your blood, studies suggest. Back pain, stomach problems, and headaches may disappear.
Why is forgiveness important essay?
Why should we forgive? The Stanford Forgiveness Project has shown that learning to forgive lessens the amount of hurt, anger, stress and depression that people experience. People who forgive also become more hopeful, optimistic and compassionate and have enhanced conflict resolution skills.

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