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Media as a dominant institution

Freedom of the press


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“Media… are the dominant institutions of contemporary society… to which other institutions must conform. .. ” Altheide & Snow, 1979 The quote with which I begin represents a general viewpoint, which many members of the general public may find hard to believe. When considering our society we immediately think of the government as it”s sole…

Balancing Individual Privacy with Press Freedom


Freedom of the press

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Balancing Individual Privacy with Press Freedom Alan F. Weston, a privacy expert at Columbia university, once wrote: Privacy Is the claim of individuals, groups, or institutions to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent information about them is communicated to others (self information control right). In this age of mass media, individual privacy…

Freedom of the Press in the Middle East


Freedom of the press


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From a western perspective, the area of the world known as the Middle East decidedly lacks a number of the freedoms that are present in the United States and Europe. This sentiment is effectively summed up in the following excerpt: “Freedom of the press, a concept touted in much of the Western world, is sadly…

Frequently Asked Questions about Freedom of the press

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Is freedom of press important essay?
Freedom of press is the liberty to obtain and publish information openly without fear of government censorship or punishment. ... This freedom remains so crucial to preserving our system of government because the press acts as a fundamental check upon society and the government.
What is freedom from the press?
Freedom of the press is the right to publish content that is deemed legal without interference from the government. In the United States, freedom of the press is established by the Constitution, the fundamental law of the country. Other countries have their own laws regarding freedom of the press.
Who wrote an essay freedom of the press?
An early defense of press freedom was made by the poet John Milton in his 1644 pamphlet Areopagitica, written in response to the British Parliament's passage of a law requiring the government to approve all books prior to publication.
Why freedom of press is important?
Why is freedom of the press so important? Simply put, you can't have much of a democracy without a free press. That's because democracy's strength rests in the hands of the people, meaning they have to be knowledgeable and informed in order to make the right decisions when they go to vote.

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