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Discuss the theory of ideal type given by Weber

Max Weber





Words: 1403 (6 pages)

Discuss the theory of ideal type. Weber defines Ideal Types as –“an analytical construct that serves the investigator as a measuring rod to ascertain similarities as well as deviations in concrete cases.” In other words, it is a methodological tool that helps to make sense out of the ambiguity of social reality. There are a…

The Totalitarian Dictatorship Debate



Max Weber


Political science


World Wide Web

Words: 6015 (25 pages)

Personal dictators remain a key feature of contemporary regimes termed ‘authoritarian’ or ‘totalitarian’, particularly in their early consolidating phases. But there is still disagreement over the seemingly ideological, polemical and indiscriminate use of the term totalitarian dictatorship as an analytic concept and tool to guide foreign policy formulation. 1 Jeane Kirkpatrick elevated the taxonomy to…

Max Weber Sicence As A Vocation


Max Weber


Scientific method


Social Science

Words: 844 (4 pages)

Max Weber struggled to discover a vantage point from which he could objectively analyze and view the world. Weber sought to demystify the ideological constraints found within social institutions of society. Within the excerpted chapter Science as a Vocation, Weber investigates the social dynamics of natural science: its place within understanding of the modern world…

Weber and Modern Day Social Inequality

Max Weber

Social inequality

Words: 967 (4 pages)

Weber’s Theory Weber’s theories were much like those of Marx, however Weber was a bit more detailed in some of his classification and also for saw a different outcome than did Marx. Weber describes a differences in classes based on some ownership characteristics, but he also talks about the relationship of these classes based on…

Feminist Theory – The Development of the Discourse of Feminism



Max Weber

Social Science


Words: 2523 (11 pages)

Feminist theory, it should be mentioned from the beginning of the paper, is not a unified theory. As women experience the social world differently according to class, age or “race”, there exist different feminist standpoints within the feminist tradition i. e. Marxist or Postmodernist feminists and this explains the need to talk of Feminisms in…

Administrative Discretion – Summary




Max Weber


Political science

Words: 740 (3 pages)

Running Head: Administrative Discretion 1 Administrative Discretion Joy M. Stiles Grantham University Administrative Discretion 2 Abstract To understand what the advantages and disadvantages to restriction of laid down rules for Public Administration, one should look at the views of Max Weber and of the more modern thinkers of our society. At the time of Weber’s…

born April 21, 1864, Erfurt, Germany
died June 14, 1920, Munich, Germany
description Maximilian Karl Emil Weber was a German sociologist, historian, jurist, and political economist, who is regarded as among the most important theorists of the development of modern Western society. His ideas profoundly influence social theory and research.
education University of Göttingen (1885–1886), Humboldt University of Berlin (1884–1885)

Full name: Maximilian Karl Emil Weber

Spouse: Marianne Weber (m. 1893–1920)

Influenced by: Karl Marx, Georg Simmel, Immanuel Kant, Niccolò Machiavelli, Plato, Sigmund Freud

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