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My Dream Job in IT

My Dream Job

Words: 1733 (7 pages)

My dream job is to become an IT professional to work with the great company Google. Advancements in the field of technology have changed the manner in which individuals undertake their day to day activities. Technology has changed the way people communicate as well as the style in which people travel from one place to…

Being a Teacher Is My Dream Job


My Dream Job



Words: 598 (3 pages)

Being a teacher is a noble profession that requires passion, dedication, and a genuine love for helping others. Teaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career that enables you to have a positive impact on the lives of students, shaping their futures and empowering them with knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. As a…

My Networking Plan How To Reach My Dream Job

My Dream Job

My Goal

Words: 579 (3 pages)

To establish and effective networking plan, a few steps must be followed. Below are a few steps I have developed to achieve this: – Making a list of people in my network: these people include friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, acquaintances and neighbors. I will also reach out to people I know from former jobs, my…

My Dream Job: A Counselor For Youths Involved In The Justice System

My Dream Job

Personal Goals

Words: 523 (3 pages)

Human Services Professionals help meet the needs of humans through integrative knowledge base skills, prevention and remediation of conflicts, while maintaining commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations. After completing the competence and skills necessary for human service work, I see myself working as a Probation Officer for those involved in…

Thoughts About My Way To Reach My Dream Job

My Dream Job

Personal Experience

Words: 2030 (9 pages)

I like efficiency, I like effectiveness, and I like growth. By combining these, I will be able to conquer the business world which is something that I’ve wanted to do from a very early age. I have held several sales and marketing positions that have allowed me to drive business objectives, improve processes, and develop…

The Power of Creativity in My Favorite Job: The Life of a Graphic Designer



My Dream Job

Words: 571 (3 pages)

The world is full of beauty, and it is up to the artist to bring that beauty to life. As a graphic designer, my job is to create something that is both beautiful and functional, something that not only pleases the eye but also serves a purpose. My work requires me to be creative, innovative,…

The Art of Healing: Reflections on My Dream Job as a Nurse

Health Care

My Dream Job


Words: 596 (3 pages)

As a nurse, I have the privilege of working in a profession that allows me to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives every single day. It’s not just a job to me; it’s a calling. Nursing is a challenging and demanding field, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. In this essay, I…

Making a Difference: Why I Love My Job as a Social Worker


My Dream Job

Social work

Words: 553 (3 pages)

As a social worker, I have the privilege of working with individuals, families, and communities to promote positive change and improve overall well-being. It’s a job that is both challenging and rewarding, and it’s one that I am passionate about. In this essay, I will share why I love my job as a social worker…

Why I Chose The Pharmacy Field

About Me

My Dream Job

Words: 685 (3 pages)

I never thought my love for science would leave me without a place to live. My resolve to pursue medicine, instead of law as my parents demanded, left me homeless during my last year of high school. Despite this upheaval in my life, I was determined to continue this path. This passion began fourteen years…

Being Accountant Is My Dream Job

About Me

My Dream Job

Words: 563 (3 pages)

Thinking about the career that you want can be difficult and stressful. Luckily for me I’ve always kind of knew which career path was good for me and this project help me confirm that. My chosen career is Accounting. One of the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) surveys describe me as a person that…

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Never use a specific job title. Use words that describe what your dream job would look like instead. Choose at least two or three phrases/words that describe what your ideal position would look like from a day-to-day standpoint, and try to pick things that overlap with the job you're interviewing for.
What is your dream job answer?
Wrap up your response with something like this: Based on my skills and interests, in my dream job, I would want to __ as related to __, ideally in a company where I could __ and __. These are both really important to me, and I'm excited to see that they seem to be equally important to this company.

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