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Essays about New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Parades in Hong Kong and San Francisco

The celebration I chose was the Chinese New Year. As part of this celebration I watched was the 2016 Chinese New Year Parades in Hong Kong and San Francisco. I watched this online via a YouTube videos. (Cemehob, 2016) (Chinese New Year Parade San Francisco 2016, n.d.). The parades were very colorful, and the participants …

Chinese New Year as the Most Proverbially Celebration Festival In Asian

Malaysia is a country that having diverse ethnicity which like Chinese, Malay and India. All of the peoples from different race they are unity to do work or activities together. It is also can help them to develop a spirit of cooperation and to improve their relationship. There are a lot of celebrating festival in …

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New Year Celebration

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New Year Celeration Between Vietnam and America Sample

New Years is an exciting vacation in many states. It marks a new period of clip with the pure and pristine beginning for persons. Every state has a alone cultural jubilation and specific traditions depending on where you live. However. there is a large difference between how Asiatic people and Western people celebrate New Year. …

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