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Patriotism and The American Flag



Words: 1003 (5 pages)

There is much controversy surrounding the idea of patriotism and the iconography of the American flag in today’s society. Some believe patriotism is simply the act of supporting the decisions of the leaders of the country. Others say, to be patriotic, people should be outspoken and voice their oppositions to what is going on in…

Pride and prejudice reflection


Pride and Prejudice

Words: 360 (2 pages)

In the article In Defense of Prejudice which author is Jonathan Reach, the author elaborates a viewpoint that is very different from the traditional society viewpoint about the prejudice. In the traditional American society, most of people and the government believe the prejudice is not good for the development of the society, so they always…

“The Road Not Taken” Poem


Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

Words: 245 (1 page)

A very popular poem written by Robert Frost is called The Road not Taken. In my opinion this poem reflects the theme of choices. Robert Frosts poem The Road Not Taken, leaves its readers with a number of different ways to understand its significance. I feel that the readers life experiences pertaining to the past,…

Countries Should Not Isolate Themselves from the World



Words: 332 (2 pages)

From day to day the world is getting smaller due to the process of globalization. Countries nowadays engage with each other more than in the past on a cultural, political and economical way. In my opinion this is a very good change for the world and its people, therefore I agree with the statement above….

The Voice of Benjamin Franklin: Miss Polly Baker

Benjamin Franklin


Words: 1161 (5 pages)

He there found his place for books, reading, and writing. What makes Franklins writing so interesting and different is the fact he started out writing in the point of views of non- fiction people, which this opposes non-fiction novels because the letters and essays serve as a deeper, personal view of society. He would make…

Is college For Everyone



Words: 661 (3 pages)

Is College for Everyone?: Comparative Rhetorical Analysis Since the first GI Bill was passed after World War II universities have been steadily increasing. Currently there are more than 4000 college like institutions in the United States. Public policy has been making higher education more reachable for example by creating federal student loan programs so everyone…

Barack Obama and Topic Sentence

Barack Obama


Words: 600 (3 pages)

Background Information–You have seen video clips pertaining to the Newtown Shootings. You have also read various articles, which discussed the tragic demise of those 26 victims. Those clips and articles highlighted whether lawmakers should leave gun laws the way they are or impose restrictions on gun ownership and usage. Essay Question: Should private citizens still…

Education Benefits for Illegals Review



Words: 579 (3 pages)

“Education Benefits for Illegals? ”, written by Ralph P. Anderson, discusses weather or not offer free education to the children of illegal aliens. The author expressed his view for the government should not provide free education to the illegal children because of lack of education fee and space for these children. In this case, different…

Adverse Audit Opinion


Financial reporting



Words: 1178 (5 pages)

Report on the Financial Statements We have audited the financial statements of ABC SDN. BHD. , which comprise the balance sheets as at 30 September 2010 of the Group and of the Company, and the income statements, statements of changes in equity and cash flow statements of the Group and of the Company for the…

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What does an opinion essay include?
An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing which requires your opinion on a topic. ... Throughout the essay you will give various arguments/reasons/viewpoints on the topic and these will be supported by evidence and/or examples. You could also include an opposing viewpoint in a paragraph.
What is opinion essay called?
Argumentative essays are also known as “persuasive essays,” “opinion essays,” or “position papers.” In an argumentative essay, the author adopts a position on a debatable issue and uses reason and evidence to convince the reader of his/her opinion.

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