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How Not To Die By Michael Greger

Healthy Diet

Plant-Based Diet


Words: 1409 (6 pages)

Individuals have been consistently concerned about their overall health and risk factors for developing chronic illnesses and diseases over the years. There have been multiple diets discussed from daytime TV to medical journals alike. Does whole food, plant-based diets significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses and disease has become a significant part of…

Sustainability And Diets: The Fight For A Green And Ethical Future


Plant-Based Diet


Words: 2493 (10 pages)

Although meatless diets are popular and upcoming amongst many, this lifestyle is a concept still hard to grasp for the majority of people in our society. In fact, while the term “veganism” is something almost impossible to avoid in the era of social media and influencers, the popularity plant-based diets have gained over the last…

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