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Examples of non departmental units from the criminal justice system



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Justice has usually been used with the reference to the standard Of rightness. Others believe fairness is used to the regard to an ability to edge without reference to someone’s interests or feelings. However, when someone thinks justice is giving each person what he or she deserves, it does not take the situation very far….

Victimology: Crime and Deviant Place Theory



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Victimology: neither a victim nor an offender be. Caution is a parent of safety. Victimology is the scientific study of victimization, including the relationships between victims and offenders, the interactions between victims and the criminal-justice system, and the connections between victims and other social groups and institutions. Victimology as an academic term contains two elements:…

Victims – Definition and Categories



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DEFINITION OF THE TERM ‘VICTIM’. The word “victim” has its roots in many ancient languages that covered a great distance from northwestern Europe to the southern tip of Asia and yet had a similar linguistic pattern: victima in Latin; and, vinak ti in Sanskrit (Webster’s 1971). In the original meaning of the term, a victim…

Victimology: Criminology and Victim



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Explore the advantages and disadvantages of the positivist approach to victimology. This assignment will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the positive approach to victimology. It will do this by looking at other victimology approaches such as; Radical, feminist, and critical victimology. Analysing the different theories within each approach, to highlight the negatives and positives…

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